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Wilson's Promontory Adventure Gallery

The last month I've been lucky enough to take to the trails at the iconic Wilson's Promontory not once but twice. Guiding women, most of whom it was their first overnight pack hike experience.

I am so grateful that I took the leap from 'day job' to follow my dreams of guiding hiking experience to empower people, to inspire nature connection, and help them discover the therapeutic benefits of spending time in nature for our holistic health.

Pack hiking isn't easy. It’s not meant to be. We grow from the challenges we face, those moments that test us and bring us to the edge. That makes us feel alive. A weekend away hiking trails create such an internal shift, one of accomplishment, confidence, and self-efficacy.

Hiking within a group provides safety and reassurance and is a great place to start when considering your pack hiking adventures. Learn what you need to pack and how. Discover what is a worthy investment, how to pack ultralight food that is both nutritious and delicious, and hike hacks that optimize your trail time.

Here is a snapshot of what an overnight experience looks like with Holistic Hikes.

Fresh faces and eager to hit the trails. Starting from Telegraph Saddle.

Hikers head down to the junction from Telegraph Saddle. Poles help reduce the impact on the descent.

Views across the Southern Section of the Prom.

The resurfaced trail from the junction across to Waterloo Bay makes for easier walking.

The mountain's many faces. Granite boulders overlook the hikers.

A well-earned rest atop a boulder with Oberon in the background. En route to Waterloo Bay for night 1.

Summer wildflowers line the trails.

Following the trail around the coastal path from Waterloo Bay into Little Waterloo Bay where we will sleep.

Dinner time is lesson time. Hikers learn how to use the Jet Boil systems to rehydrate their light Gourmet meals..

Camp life. Post swim in crystal clear waters, the towels are hung out to dry.

Shan demonstrates the Sawyer water filtration system that we use on our tours to ensure safe drinking water.

Not often you see these friendly guys away from Tidal River and at the hike-in sites.

Wally the Wombat was friendly and had more than enough food, with no interest in ours. Wombats are known to slice open tents for human food - mostly at Tidal River where they have learnt from tourists feeding them.

Please DO NOT feed the wildlife.

Tents and gear are packed back into our packs and Shan assists with adjusting for correct fit.

Walking back through the centre trail of the Southern Circuit, WP heading towards Oberron Bay for night 2.

Nestled in the coastal scrub, Oberon Bay camps offer privacy from other campers with great group areas.

At less than 1kg, these tents are ultralightweight and easy setup. Perfect for first-timer pack hikers.

A typical camp dinner. All gear supplied so no investment for hikers.

Walks after dinner along Oberon Bay are always relaxing. The vast beach is often visited by Yachts or boats.

Barefoot beach walks from grounding and relaxation.

Connection. New friends made on the trail share plenty of laughs.

Beautiful sweeping views looking back towards the mountain range.

Sunset at Oberon Bay. Syncing with nature, we turn in for the night.

The glow from hikers' tents as they slip into their sleeping bags for the night.

After a sunrise swim, hikers enjoy a hot coffee and warm breakfast before the hike out.

Recharged and ready for the hike out.

Packs on Backs. Day 2 we always see hikers take control, packing up their gear like seasoned pros.

Determining the snacks required to climb the last elevation to the Telegraph Saddle. Snacks are provided and no one ever seems disappointed with the ratio of M&M's.

Victorious and jubilant. We celebrate all your efforts and encourage you all the way.

Smiles all around as the team wraps up their multi-day hike. Now for a change of clothes and the ride home.

Small groups and privates are catered for. 1 or 2 nights, we can pack adventure at any size.

If you're keen to experience a pack hike adventure and don't want to go it alone, don't know where to go and are afraid of getting lost, or just wouldn't know what gear to buy, then we'd love to host your pack hike trip.

If camping under the stars isn't your thing, but you want to discover the benefits of hiking or try my delicious food, then we run retreats through the year with lodge-style accommodation. Stay tuned for more hedonistic adventures or to look at what events we have coming up, head to the EVENTS PAGE on the website.

Shan and I love sharing our passion for hiking and the great outdoors. We'd love to connect with you so if you have any questions, please contact us.


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