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What's In Your Cart? Shopping For Adventure

Did you know that 8/10 Australians shop online?

This was a statistic from Feb 2019 and with 2020 rolling out the way it has, figures have swelled with the growing isolation and it is predicted that one out of ten items will be bought online this year.

Currently, in lockdown 2.0, I know that I only head to the shops to buy the essentials; food for the family and petrol (less and less). Essentials to me do not involve a Kmart or Bunnings stop and as much as I love an excursion to Mac Pac, Anaconda or Kathmandu, I’d prefer to steer clear of any shopping precincts and do my shopping online.

So with the above statistics in mind and the online sales rising, what are you buying?

It appears that I am not the only one adding to the cart and checking out from the comfort of my couch, a cup of tea in hand.

Having said that I am not so sure we bought the same things, here’s what I purchased;

· Mountain Designs softshell jacket with an outer removable rain jacket (2 in 1)- both for myself and Shannon.

  • Big Agnes lightweight tents

  • Osprey Backpacks- men and women’s 65L

  • Jetboil cooking systems

  • Sea to Summit dry sacks

  • Sea to summit bowl, lids and cutlery

  • Sea to summit compression sacks

  • SPF 37+ Head buffs

  • Sawyer water filtration systems

  • Headlights- 250 lumens +

If we went back to the start of the year at my online purchases, it reflects the once in an 8-year cycle that Shan and I purchase new gear for our hiking adventures. I am super proud of my frugality when it comes to spending less money. Shan has however infiltrated the tight-fisted system to ensure that we invest in quality gear that works and survives our adventures for almost a decade.

Thanks, babe you were right!

So what do we invest in?

Lightweight everything

Every gram counts when you are on the trail. This means paying a little more for the tents, sleeping bags and cooking systems that are functional, pack uptight and light

Quality clothing

You need to be ready for all the elements and trust me, in Victoria you really can get 4 seasons in 1 day. More on clothes below

Functional items

Such as the sawyers squeeze water filtration system. You need to be prepared for any situation and clean water on a multi-day hike is a must. Some like the straws, I prefer this system as I can use for cooking, etc. or filter and add to camelback

So whilst we can’t hit the trails for a while in Melbourne, we can certainly plan for some adventures and do some online shopping!! If you, like me, are craving the open air and sleeping under stars, let’s start planning a getaway and have the anticipation and excitement build whilst we are in lockdown! A delayed reward.

To give you an idea of where I invest my money, the following is a guide I provide our multi-day hikers when they sign up for one of our Adventures.

Main Gear

  • Backpack with rain cover- the 50-60L pack is ideal – we use Osprey

  • Sleeping bag – lightweight (under 2 kg) 3 seasons (0-+5c) if you will be hiking in the snow during winter, then ensure your bag is rated accordingly

  • Silk Liner- add thermal and dirt protection inside the bag (silk is best – a little more expensive but worth it)

  • Hike pillow – inflatable lightweight or slip/sack to put puffer jacket in at night to create pillow

  • Drinking bladder- 2litres at minimum plus 500ml bottle for cooking water

  • Hiking Poles – a great investment if you’re an avid hiker or to help with undulating hills

  • Waterproof bags- protect gear/food heavy rain, create compartments to easily access within the pack, or keep wet clothes separate. Multi-purpose so great investment. Sea to summit bags are our favourite

  • Compression Bags- reduce the size of your clothing and create up to 30% more space in your bag. A worthy investment- sea to summit are or go to.

  • Torch/head torch – lightweight as every gram counts. Whilst we aren’t walking on the trails at night, we will want these for navigating the campsite at night.


Quick-drying fabrics; no cotton. Layers are best! Think minimal and only what you need.

  • Underwear – activewear range best, pack only what you need- sports bra are best and avoid underwire. Inijini toe liner socks with an outer wool socks are the best. Help to avoid blisters

  • Gaiters- keeps the sticks/stones out of your shoes and offers protection. Small ankle pair only required unless calf-length snake gaiters preferred for summer months

  • 1-2 pairs Hiking Pants or shorts- or one of each, quick-drying and lightweight, with a little stretch- ensure that the waist is comfortable as you will have a pack on top of this so any buttons/zips to be flat against the skin

  • 2x T-shirts or long sleeve shirt- avoid singlets as packs will rub on shoulders and armpits- polyester or merino will wick moisture away from skin- avoid cotton.

  • Fleece or insulated jacket/jumper- the nights will be cool and great to keep you warm when we stop after an arduous hike- windproof

  • Rain jacket or poncho – be prepared for any condition. Ponchos can be picked up cheap or invest in a good gauge rain jacket – 10,000mm is best.

  • Hiking boots or heavy treaded trail runners- no smooth-soled shoes, you need the grip as we will be hiking over varying surfaces and need the traction. Go for a shoe that is ½ -1 size bigger than normal for the thicker socks and to allow for feet swelling in the heat/ arduous hikes

  • Thermals- the nights can get cool so keep warm with thermals or long sleeves and leggings- keep these as the clean clothes for your nights, don’t sleep in clothes

  • Caps/ sunnies/ beanie/ buff & gloves- Caps are great for sun protection+ keep the rain off face. Beanie and gloves for the cold if you’re sensitive to temperature and sunnies as the glare. A multi-use buff protects from sand, insects, wind and can be worn in different ways depending on your personal preference.

  • Teva are great sandals for around the camp and give respite to hot feet from boots- or pack some thongs for easy slip on-off

Most online retailers offer a sizing guide so grab the tape measure and be honest with yourself. Most clothing you will want a relaxed fit for hiking however thermals for sleeping are best warm closer to the skin.

Avoiding shopping centres is easier than ever with the power of online shopping. It's more competitive than ever with overseas retailers offering to ship to OZ- you will be sure to snag a bargain! Just watch the conversion rates!

So whilst we all await the return of exploring the outdoor together, let’s look forward to, and plan for a multi-day adventure!

Are you ready to explore?

Amanda x

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