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True North

We are in turbulent times. The fear of the unknown, the unseen threat has grips on us. This virus, unlike the smoke of the bushfires, we cannot see but it’s blinding our path forward. It can be felt as anxiousness, disparity, and withdrawal from social settings in fear of exposure. As we feel some form of normality return, we face the threat of a ‘second wave’, a 'spike', and fear washes over us like a wild ocean in winter.

Recent conversations highlighted the uncertainty people face with the easing of restriction and conversely the economic pain and loss from our lockdown measures that cover our minds with a thick fog of anxiety.

This unease, the anxiousness is running viral through many aspects of our lives, clouding our vision, creating a disconnect, and disillusion.

How do we move forward when we don’t know where we are going?

Vision is what drives us forward as humans. It is what gives us purpose, direction, and is what sparks our enthusiasm for life. Without a vision, an idea of where we are going, we can wander aimlessly trying to find our way. Quite often we will end up on someone else’s path feeling completely lost and dissatisfied.

Without a vision, you can’t determine your ideal way of living and taking the necessary steps to achieve your desired lifestyle. The end picture or goal you wish to accomplish, it’s what drives your decisions and actions that move you closer to your dream, your ideals, your happiness.

Whilst we cannot control the current epidemic, we do have control in the way in which we chose to react, the way in which we create a path through the unknown. With steadfast determination and passion, I light my way forward.

Like a wilderness trail, we only need to find our true north and we are never lost.

So whilst 2020 feels like a write off for many, find the inspiration in what brings you joy and direct your attention that way. We may have had our sights set on lofty goals this year that were swiftly pulled from our grasp, but our focus should remain.

A mantra I have lived by the last few months, ‘Today I focus on what I want to attract’. It’s helped with a concentrated effort on the small, actionable steps that move me closer to where I want to be, no excuses.

The following questions are designed to inspire your personal vision. Grab a piece of paper, write it down; draw a map, whatever works for you. Get clear on what you want the rest of the year to look like, and the future. Importantly be honest with your WHY. Imagine you living the best version of your life and fill in the gaps.

What is important to you? Health, family, well-being, career…

WHY is this so important? What are the consequences of this happening or not?

Who & What is most important to you and why?

How would you like to be remembered by others?

Who inspires you? WHY? What Values, actions, and behaviours do they have?


Journal; Provides an opportunity to reflect, to tune into thoughts, beliefs about ourselves or the world, and identify discrepancy.

Self Talk; Hear it, catch it, reframe it! What's the BS you have been relaying over and over? How can you reframe this with a positive connotation? Say it until you believe it!

Scripting; Write down your habits or behaviours to understand the influences at play. Can you identify issues? How can these be replayed? Explore this.

Identify Steps - Do you need to do further study? Get a specific license? Identify what steps are required to get you to your end goal. This is your most important step!

Action Overcomes Anxiety

In order to gain clarity of our true north, to find our authentic, happy self we are required to take action. Calm the mind, explore your internal wilderness, and allow your internal compass to direct your True North.

“Everyone sees the unseen in proportion to the clarity of his heart, that depends upon how much he has polished it. Whoever has polished it more sees more – More unseen forms become manifest to him.”


Amanda x


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