Trail Tails – Adventures With Our Dogs

I love nothing more than to take a hike, better yet if I can take my dog!

With our newly adopted, Ziggy, we can't wait to explore the great outdoors as a family! We live an active outdoors lifestyle, so what better way to incorporate our dogs into our lives than this.

Having just adopted our new fur-baby, I wanted to compile an updated list of places we can hike and camp with him. There are so many hiking trails on the Mornington Peninsula (and across Victoria), but were you aware that many you cannot take your dogs into? The wildlife conservation areas, and many of the National Parks, are a big NO as their smell alone (their urine) is threatening for many of our endangered native species, endangering their lives by pushing them from their safe zones (the Parks designed to protect them) and into the urban sprawl where they come into harm from our pets.

PLEASE be mindful of these signs and understand the consequence of your actions.

If you want to explore with your dogs, check out this (by no means extensive, but a start) list of dog-friendly walks and camping locations in Victoria. Many we have visited and stayed at previously and some we can’t wait to explore!

Head to Mornington Peninsula Shire for a downloadable brochure- Dog leash-free and dog-friendly beaches


Starting with the beaches, because what pooch doesn’t love a play in the sand and splash in the water?! Depending on what side of the bay you want to explore, the beaches

Mornington- Safety Beach offers many dog-friendly beaches some off-leash and a safe distance from the roads. You can check out the dog-friendly beaches on the Mornington Peninsula website.

Community Forrest (opposite Balcombe School) Mt Martha

Fenced acreage for off-leash play and large woodland area to explore in the fresh air all year round. Parks near the Briars and walk to the Northern entrance and if your pooch is up for a longer walk, cross the road from the Briars and enjoy the Balcombe Estuary walk to Mt Martha and return.

Hillview Community Reserve Dromana

This expansive, farm-like reserve is completely leash-free and has something for everyone – a dam, BBQ area, pump track and wildlife spotting! The dogs can swim in the Dam (no human swimming) and is leash-free year-round. It does back onto and has access to the NP, so please read the signs and stay out of the NP with your fur-friend.