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The Importance Of Collective Connections

Most that know me, would describe me as an extrovert. In truth, I love spending time by myself.

I enjoy my own company. I love to potter around, whether it’s cleaning, cooking, writing, dancing around the living room to whatever music touches my soul, or heading out for a hike with Nature my soundtrack, friend, and mentor, reflecting on what was, what is and what will be.

It would seem strange that I share this insight as a tour guide, someone who has created a life of guiding groups of people through Nature hikes. I guess, in my own philosophical way it’s not so strange.

Like everything, it’s about balance, a balance of extroversion and introversion. We can’t be one without the other, don’t pigeon hole yourself into either. I like to think that I, like most, are a beautiful messy combination of them both.

I LOVE HUMAN CONNECTION. I love the reciprocity of energy felt when I connect with like-minded people .I LOVE guiding people though my favourite trails, sharing insights, history, and the connection. I LOVE sharing my knowledge of Nature, Mindfulness and HOW connecting all the holistic elements helps people to restore, recollect, and rejuvenate.

A time when I am most happy, feeling connected and exploring with my hikers

Facilitating the insights into the perspective shift, guidance through our natural spaces, and how this provides creativity, illumination, and balance with your true nature. Connecting with not only nature but importantly ourselves, and as a collective consciousness.

Importantly, I LOVE sharing the WHY.

Humans are intrinsically social creatures. Our early ancestors relied on a social network to not only survive but thrive by eating, sleeping, hunting and playing together. Our development and survivability depended on this then as it does now.

We energetically feed off one another; good or bad. That’s why it’s not necessarily about what we say but the actions we take that create the shift we want in relationships; friends or foe. Hiking strengthens this connection, all connections; the one that matters anyway. When we challenge our bodies through arduous hiking, rainy conditions, or exploring dark trails by torchlight we share the experience, conversation, and feel supported, shared in our emotions, psychological and physical alignment.

As a modern society, we are experiencing such a disconnect from this instinctual behaviour. We have increasing rates of stress, anxiety, and depression and although we have more platforms to connect, we are missing the key element of community- human connection. My mission is to remedy this through shared collective connections.

We’ve have had weeks in lockdown and with restrictions come new possibilities to explore, expand our horizons, and work towards a new normal.

For thousands of years, humans thrived on the connection for well-being. It is what has developed the human race into the dominant cognitive species of our world. Through communication, collaboration, connection, we have nurtured the growth of our species.

It is in our psyche, that of our primal nature that we are hard-wired to feel good when connected within a community.

A guided tour through Lilly Pilly Gully Circuit, Wilson's Prom

Research has shown that the quality of our social connections impacts physiological functions such as blood pressure, metabolism and stress hormones, and subsequently immunity.

There is something magic that happens on a biologically level that reinforces our wild nature and produces these feel-good hormones and neuro-chemicals that essentially make us feel connected and part of a community.

To create genuine, face to face connections with others to benefit from this simplistic lifestyle choice of disconnect-reconnect. To empower one another within their holistic health journey, to create longevity, emotional, and physical well-being.

Whether you consider yourself extroverted or introverted, or somewhere beautifully perfect in the scale, let’s explore that together. The trails provide the perfect platform for your exploring your holistic health.

Amanda x


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