Roaring Meg To Oberon Bay

Day 4

Roaring Meg- Oberon Bay



Road Track & Sandy Trail

More wallabies

Bluetongue lizard

Beach Walks & Drift Play

Waking to the chorus of birds and the stream (aka roaring Meg) just a few meters from our tent, so immersed in the natural environment, I stepped out from the tent euphoric and excited for our walk down to Oberon Bay. There is a real sense of being lost yet found at the same time when we explore the trails and I knew this is what we had needed after the past few months.

The expansiveness that the hiking trails provide, the simplicity, the masochist in me that loves the challenging hikes.

We started each day with our jet boil coffee. The Robert Timms bags were the best we’d found but still lacked the punch of the double shot, long blacks we were accustomed to. Breakfast each day had been Carmen’s oats with our nuts and fruit mix. It’s hard to beat weight and taste-wise on the trails plus it provides a good boost of carbs, fats and flavour.

Packing our gear and filtering a fresh batch of water, we set off just after 8am.

We only had 9.2 km, mostly downhill so we were going to take our time. The gravel road that runs to the lighthouse provided the trail back down to Telegraph Junction. The views over Oberon Bay drew a bleak picture and soon enough the rain was atop of us.

Our rain jackets still soaked through from Day2, we grabbed for the ponchos and scrambled to cover ourselves and our packs. The driving rain was coming in sideways and with small shrubs to shelter, our only option was to keep moving forward. Testing our resolve the rain persisted for over an hour before the clouds cleared to reveal blue skies.