Planning Your Lockdown Escape? Here’s how I'm Building Hike Strength So I'm Ready To Hit The Trails

Keen to escape your lockdown bubble? If you’re in Victoria, I am sure that like many of us, you are planning your escape, eager to get outside, not returning for a few days, or at least take a bloody long hike! An escape into the wilderness, a day and even a road trip, a night in a remote location and only where our feet can carry us, anywhere that is devoid of the same walls and ceiling that we have stared at for the past 18 months.

Perhaps you have no point of destination just an overwhelming desire to be in nature. I hear her (mother nature) calling me too. Her voice is getting stronger each day, calling me into the wild, eager to undo the knots in my psyche, ease the angst and provide space to explore.

Each weekend that passes is a reminder that I’ve canceled trips due to Covid. Hiking the trails of Wilsons Prom or venturing through the Grampians, these trips are going to have to wait just a little longer. It’s important to have something to look forward to, a delayed satisfaction. Planning a trip in the (hopefully near) future is the perfect way to work towards a positive experience and keep you accountable to train for such a challenge.

This week I’ve been planning the epic Great Ocean Walk for 2022. The challenging 110km trail is diverse in landscape, and for me, epitomizes the great escape. Shan and I first took the beast on almost 10 years ago when we started dating. Pretty fit but too smug in our abilities, we disregarded the suggested 10-12km recommendation for daily distance and smashed out 90+km of the track in less than 3 days. We were pretty chuffed with our efforts on the drive home, a little fractured and possibly a few lost toenails on my behalf, conceding that we bit off more than we could chew.

Fast forward a few years and we take pleasure in empowering our clients through the challenges of the trail, with a considered approach. We understand that not everyone shares our masochistic gusto when first approaching a challenge. Our years of experience ensure that you don’t hike 40+km a day and lose your nails, blow out a knee or hobble off vowing to never hike again! We aim to empower and inspire with challenging but achievable hikes and offer our experience, knowledge, and training to ensure that you are well equipped to achieve a great hiking experience.

With any physical challenge, there is equal parts mindset and ability. Both are trainable aspects that if developed prior to the day/ weekend hike make the trip more achievable and pleasurable. In our modern culture of comfort-seeking, the initiation to stepping out of your comfort zone, building mental, physical strength, and resilience can be approached in the following ways: