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Oberon Bay to Tidal River

Day 5- the final leg

Oberon Bay to Tidal River

We arose before 6 am, the sun only beginning to rise over the mountains, warming the skin on our faces as we stretched our legs after a long sleep.

It had been a chilly, windy night and the combination of fresh air and cumulative days walks on our legs, we had slipped into a deep slumber.

Shan set about getting our coffee on and breaky started as I began to pack our bags ready for the last leg out to Tidal River. Only 3.5km to traverse, I was looking forward to the breathtaking views from the trail that wrapped around Mt Oberon providing a panoramic view of our previous day’s journey.

I’m not particularly precious about many things. I can forgo a shower for weeks if I have a gypsy bath or water wipes. I don’t often do my hair or makeup anyway so that doesn’t bother me. I can handle dehydrated food but crave fresh fruit and vegetables. The one thing that I’m especially attached to is my memory foam pillow. In recent games of ‘Choice’, I’ve chosen my pillow over blankets, electricity, and never eating certain foods again. The weight of cutting off a corner of the dense unit is an attractive view of having a good night’s sleep on the trail. But I digress.

Starting along the beach walk just after 6:30 am on what was our 5th-day hiking, we were excited that the 3.5km would land us to Tidal River where we talked of hot coffee (strong black ones) and hot food that wasn’t rehydrated and the aforementioned pillow my head would rest upon that night. The wind had a chill factor that would send the penguins into a tight huddle and luckily the tide was out making the river crossing a running leap to clear.

Stairs steeply ascended up the tree-lined path, elevating us high above the water within minutes of starting our climb. The panoramic views on an overcast morning gave a broody feel, fitting really for the deep pensive walk. Our silent journey only interjected with gasps of amazement as a wallaby sat only metres in front of us or the pattern of the waves rolling in. We shared little moments and then quietly continued onwards.

Little Oberon Bay was fascinating. My meditative mood was drawn to the waves that violently crash against an abrupt shoreline. Reflecting on the nature of the water, tides and the ebb and flow of life I had started to consolidate recent life events. Nature is magical like that. We tend to think of language as words, but it’s so much more than that; the energy of the waves, the Crepuscular Rays (sunbeams) that converged in the sky, the smells of salty air.

A compacted trail path occasionally intersected with stone steps as we zigzagged our way around Norman Point. Taking a quick squiz before our 1.5km hike into Tidal, our wet bags heavy, and the anticipation of nearing the end began to eat at my resolve.

Reaching Noman beach with such elation quickly faded as we entered the tea-tree lined path from the base trail to our car, parked near the information centre. Walking what felt like another 3km through the winding tea tree-lined trail we finally arrived, throwing our packs from our backs and floating with our new-found nimbleness.

Smashing an egg and bacon roll (nutritionist off duty) and strong coffee, we headed for the first shower in days before our drive home, musing over our encounters, experiences and another successful adventure. All sullen thoughts and hardship dissipated, washed clean from my skin and my thoughts; feelings gone, once seen and sent on their way.

Another efficacious hike!

Happy Holidays- Amanda x


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