No Square To Spare

To inject a little light-heartedness into the current world pandemic, I aim to provide you with some pragmatic advice to spare the squares in the impending self-isolation period.

Yes, I am talking about the little square pieces of paper gold that the world has currently lost it's, pardon the pun, SHIT over!

Having relieved my bowel this morning, I sat reflecting on the question I posed to my wonderful women at my weekend retreat;

“How many squares are you using when you poo?”

The response from the 11 other women in that room reiterated my passionate message about holistic health. Not only are our dietary habits but lifestyle choices, movement and how we deal with stress/anxiety levels important for our holistic health but directly affect the formation and frequency of our bowel movements.

Think about it… You’re stress and anxious about the current world situation, you try to buy toilet paper but the hoarders you mocked weeks before now hold the power of the squares. There is little or no pasta, rice or meat in the supermarkets and everyone you encounter has lost their ability to self-regulate or even smile.

When we experience stress or anxiousness our nervous system operates from the flight/fight response mode of the sympathetic nervous system, this means that rest/digest (parasympathetic nervous system) stops and our bodies no longer digest food properly and prepare for evacuation.

Many people report that they experience loose stools when anxious, experience stress or fear. Cue current world pandemic. NOW your ideal poo, normally formed like a smooth sausage, is soft often diarrhea and frequent.

What does all this mean? You use more squares!!

This response becomes like a watercourse when we experience little stressors, little scares our body’s response is so swift to deliver the hit of adrenaline and cortisol, that flows on the ready-made neural pathway.

The ideal poo is smooth, one-piece and exits the body in a very clean, minimal wiping manner. A balanced diet with high fibrous foods will help to achieve your perfect 4 in addition to movement and stress/anxiety management with a balanced lifestyle approach.