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My Hiking Romance

I’m not one for celebrating Valentine’s Day.

No, not because I am happily married, nor that I am not romantic-I just believe that every day is special when you love someone… Sorry too much?!

I just have a different way of expressing my love... Hint? It usually has to do with FOOD …ok hiking too!

We all know a way to man’s heart is through his stomach right?! Importantly WHAT you eat affects yours and your man’s hormones and most of these are regulated in the gut so consequentially; desire, stamina and ….. But I digress.

In the spirit of all things lovey-dovey, I will impart some of my hiking Romance…. PG-rated!

The romantic notion of a luxury weekend away, getting lost in a king bed and walking out to a private pool in a tropical oasis, doesn’t completely resonate with me. Room service and champagne sure, but I soon get bored and want a little more adventure.

Even our honeymoon at the gorgeous Mulia Resort in Bali couldn’t ignite some indulgence gene I seemed to have been spared. With a waterfront villa and all the beautiful fittings you can imagine, my highlight was getting sweaty in the gym before a buffet breakfast each morning to then jump on the back of the motorbike as we explored the island.

Simple pleasures have arrived over the years in way of overcoming hardship, physical challenges and new growth through education, meditations, reading, and podcasts. These simple pleasures allow me to be mindful of the world around me and the world I create. To appreciate the beauty in everything; Well isn’t that ROMANTIC?

So hopefully you're still following me here when I invite you to imagine having carried a heavy pack over undulating hills, trees so tall the canopy closes in around you, an understory of ferns misty from the recent rain, your senses are alive with possibility. A homecoming to the senses. A utopian dream

To walk through a clearing onto the whitest sand you’ve ever seen, crystal blue waters and mountains that wrap around the cove. There is a handful of people, each complete within their own simplicity. You set up camp, eat a warm dinner by the water watching the dance of light as the suns set before retiring to bed. Lying there, you’re overcome with self-accomplishment, gratitude and buzzing from endorphins. Isn’t that ROMANTIC?

My own proposal of marriage came after a 6-hour midnight hike up an active volcano, Mt Agung. The walk was challenging, the physical and emotional feat and test of will gave way to awe-inspiring views of an ocean dotted with islands. The warm golden sun rising over Lombok, my now-husband dropped to his knee… so did I!!

Weren’t we getting a better angle? Oh, no … okay. A ring, some tears, and a cloud suddenly under my feet. Isn't that Romantic?

Romance to me isn’t about what you can buy for the other. It’s about what you do. Your actions. Your integrity, honesty, communication, and love you show through your ACTIONS.

Exploring with me is my most ideal romantic holiday with my husband and it’s what makes our relationship incredible. We both enjoy stripping back all the shit and hitting the trail for the ultimate hiking romance.

You needn't have a partner to live a romantic life. Self-love is the most incredible way to support yourself in growth, happiness, and mindset.

How do you live Romance?

Amanda xx

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