Multi-Day Hikes; Why I Carry A Shovel

A multi-day hiking adventure requires thoughtful consideration and planning. If you want it to be enjoyable, then less is more when it comes to what you pack in your pack!

The creature comforts of home are only going to weigh you down out there. There is a cathartic detachment of ‘things’ that shifts internally when we challenge ourselves on outdoor exploration. A minimalist approach that resonates through into daily life; empowering and uplifting the detachment from unnecessary items and the simplicity that comes with the experience cannot be understood, it must be experienced.

Below I unpack what I take in my pack and a brief WHY. Over the years I’ve adapted, updated and completely ditched some things. Each season and location requires a slight adjustment but these are the main items I pack;


Microfibre towel -lightweight, quick dryer and can loop on outside of the pack for drying whilst you walk. If you score a gypsy bath you’ll want a towel, plus it helps rub off sand between your toes to avoid blisters.

Lunette cup ladies, you know what this is, worked a treat on my most recent trip. Only having to empty 12hrly plus you’re not carrying waste. If you’ve been using these for a while, you’ve got the gist of doing this spot free!

First Aid kit- With all the usual suspects & ALWAYS include a snake bite kit, epic pen and Ventolin. Snakes are EVERYWHERE so always be prepared and know what to do. No allergies or asthma? Did you know that you can develop a life-threatening allergic reaction or asthma at any stage throughout life? PLUS if you’re remote, these will save your life or someone else’s. Pack them, worth it 100%

Toilet paper & a small pack of wipes- Don’t believe this one requires explaining, however when you use (not in a drop loo) BURY your paper! If you’re using wipes, take them with you, a lot of brands don’t break down like toilet paper.

Sunscreen, lip balm and bushman’s deet- Again, self-explanatory. The harsh sun on a long day hike or mooching by the beach can collect some serious rays.. not a comfortable sleep I suspect. A good strength insect cream, you will want. Our recent trip to Sealer’s Cove, Wilsons Promontory, the air was so thick with mozzies and other hatching bugs post humid conditions.

Shovel compactable, lightweight and ethical. Bury your trail poo when you can’t use a drop loo. By burying your poop, you are not pushing out the local wildlife that may relocate their homes to an unsafe environment. They are smell sensitive and therefore danger adverse and instinctively driven, it is the same reason you DO NOT take your animals into National parks. It protects the native animals. The shovel can be stored on the outside pockets of your bag, its only dirt on it.

Inflatable Mattress and pillow- Ours are over 7 years old and actually suck! This last trip I noticed how much I am ready to set aside my tight ass tendency and invest in a great mattress! I am such a baby for my memory foam pillow, I’m considering cutting off an end taking hiking! We are currently resea