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Keeping the dream alive

Closing in on almost 5 months of lockdown in Melbourne with the days warming up, light hours longer, and an overwhelming urge to explore the trails, we still face an uncertain future. Whilst social media has been a thrive of meal sharing, new fur baby additions, and a recap of holidays spent hiking in the hills, it’s the uncertainty and biased political opinions that threaten to burst the bubble of dreams we hold alive with fear-mongering of the mainstream media.

It’s hard to tune out when it’s on every media channel. This is generally why I refuse to watch TV.

I’ve remained positive and focussed throughout with some days a little easier than others to maintain a positive outlook. My resilient mind can be attributed to the elements of wellness that I hold as a non-negotiable standard each day- you can read more about it here.

In keeping my hiking dream alive, I have spent many hours planning and preparing for the return of group hiking. Researching for new adventure trails and business opportunities to collaborate and facilitate your exploration of Victoria. If all reports are true, it may be some time before we can explore interstate again so what better opportunity than to discover or rediscover your own backyard!

Having lost 2 jobs this year, I could have thrown a pity party – not being able to invite anyone over I decided that the best way to overcome the anxiousness of the situation was to throw myself into the study.

In 5 months I have almost completed my personal training qualification. Pretty darn good effort I would say whilst homeschooling and home keeping. Again, no party for me to celebrate the small wins either so moved right along to the next positively framed, productivity challenge, my kitchen medicine course. Having a nutrition qualification, this further develops an intrinsic need to fuel ourselves better through tumultuous times.

You can call me ‘Kitchen Witch’.

With a keen focus on what the future hold for Holistic Hikes, here is some of what you can expect 2020/2021

· Group Circuit training- fitness training

· Functional training – outdoors

· Nutrition; fitness, detox/inflammation

· Collaborations – Fitness/Nutrition/Special events

· Victorian multi-night adventures


So in the interim, whilst we can’t hit the trails yet or take a sweaty circuit class, run by yours truly, let’s explore some trails online and keep that adventurous spirit alive!

Here’s the post I wrote in April and has the best virtual hiking tours of the world.

Adventure is still open to those who seek to find it. With an uncertain future of how and where we can move around, exploring the trails virtually will keep the dreams alive.

Amanda x


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