Injury Prevention & Hiking

You’ve been hitting the trails more often and you love the way you feel when you spend time in Nature. So why not take it to the next level and aim for a multi-day hike?

Shannon & I (Amanda) on a recent 4-day hiking trip to Wilsons Prom

Whilst it may seem a lofty goal to some, it’s the empowerment and sense of accomplishment from such an adventure that excites if not scares you a little. Armed with information, training, and the right approach, a weekend of hiking and camping is achievable for any of us!

Growth comes from doing the hard things when we face challenges and overcome them equipped with the mental and physical fortitude that we have trained.

If we prepare ourselves, create a solid foundation built on strength and determination, not only can we accomplish a multi-day hike, we will flourish and thoroughly enjoy the experience all the more.

Empowerment through hiking!

There are a number of considerations before taking on a multi-day hike from how you move; how you nourish your body and strengthen mental capacity. Each aspect is interconnected and required for such an experience.

The following weeks will cover;

  • Nutrition

  • Mindset

  • Clothing

  • Recovery

  • Scalable training

Adrian (fellow hiker) & I with our head in the clouds, resting top Mt Oberon, Wilsons Prom.

This week's focus:


A common misconception is that hiking is just walking in the bush. The path is often undulating and offers obstacles like tree roots, boulders, or steep climbs and descend, each of which creates a different challenge, more so when you’ve got a loaded pack.