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How Isolation Has Changed The Way I Travel, For Now

With National Parks closed all over the world to stop the spread of Covid_19 through social distancing measures, and to protect the remote communities that reside there, technology has created a pathway to discover the trails, cultures, and history of these unique sites from the comfort of our couch.

With isolation restrictions in place throughout the globe, this unprecedented moment in history can throw many of us into a tailspin, if we let it!

With human connection reduced to facetime and zoom, we may be tempted to throw ourselves into a deep, numbing immersion of Ozark or worse yet; Tiger King. Please save yourself now, before it's too late.

I have a better solution.

If there is one clear advantage of modern technology, is that it provides the ability to discover new places, research and map out travel plans for when we are free to roam once again. With my own isolation restrictions, I have given time to explore and understand the tools of technology.

Conversely, those tech aficionados who now face the same lifestyle limitations have found themselves yearning for some outdoor movement. So much so, that I am certain post-iso we will have a wave of hiking among us itching to hit the trails!

So whether it’s exploring Australia or discovering remote caves or mountain ranges of Scandinavia; you can find some of the best hiking locations with a few clicks through the tech platform Story sphere. Discover historically significant landmarks, connect with the culture of the indigenous people and learn of their connection to sacred land with audio-specific to a location.

One to check out >> The heart of Australia; Uluru

With a click by step progression to landmarks and 360 angle views, it can get a little tedious for the long hikes however the audio provides great insight into the rich history of the Yankunytjatjara people that called Uluru home, long before white men arrived in Australia.

Uluru, NT, Australia

NSW National Parks have enlisted google trekker cams to showcase over 50 of the state's walking trails, lookouts, and rainforests. With views of incredible landscapes, you can start planning your adventure now.

Iconic walks feature the coastal trails to Kosciusko National Park and the Blue Mountains. Take a look here GOOGLE TREKKER

Google is steps ahead when it comes to showcasing the blue orb that we call home; Earth.

Interactive, educational and equipped with Wikipedia to inform would-be armchair travelers of the desired locations. Check out iconic destinations from a birds-eye view or get close up with the street view in any number of remote locations worldwide.

The Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia.

Google Earth allows many projects (aka travel plans) to be developed and saved to your google drive, so all information and specific locations that you are wanting to travel to are in one place. You can even share them with others. (Watch this space as I develop my tech skills..)

Explore the mountains to the deserts; the Himalayas to the Maldives, sightsee the destinations that you’ve always dreamed of.

Check it out here GOOGLE EARTH

Some of my favourite Victorian locations below:

· Redwood Forest, Warburton

· Sealers Cove, Wilsons Promontory

· Cape Woolamai, Philip Island

· The Horn, Mount Buffalo

For those of you not wanting to scroll, click or navigate your own experience, but sit back and relax, then the following links are for you!

Great Ocean Road Walk – take your seasickness bands- there is a bit of movement here but gives you an idea of what the trail is like.

Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia.

Okay, so no great cinematic feats there, however, I have saved the best for last….

Let’s take a trip across the Pacific Ocean to America, the cinematic gods of adventure series.

I’ve always wanted to travel to the US; explore Yellowstone, the AT (Appalachian Trail), PCT (Pacific Crest Trail), Joshua tree National Park among others and from the luxury of my own home, I can virtually explore and plan my future endeavours.

Yosemite National Park –Expedia travel series

USA- National Parks – Adventure through a different one each day

So whilst travel restrictions are on a global lockdown, adventure is still open to those who seek to find it. With potentially months of further lifestyle restrictions and travel limitations for the unforeseeable future, exploring the trails virtually will keep the adventurous spirit alive.

Until I can guide you again, happy adventures!

Stay Safe,


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