EARTHING - What Is It & Why You Should Be Doing It

Barefoot walks along the sandy beaches always recharge me, the ebb and flow of the waves, the salty air that kisses my skin, and the crunch of the sand beneath my feet. It’s a cathartic experience that we have all felt; recharged, revitalized.

But do you know why?

Our planet is alive with natural energies. Emanating from the surface of the earth is this low vibrational frequency that provides the biological mechanics for life, rhythms of natural energy flowing like a heartbeat.

Universal life depends on this.

The solar rays from the sun, lightning storms and the molten core of our earth are constantly replenishing the giant battery that is our Earth so that we too, can be recharged.

“The natural frequencies of the earth are waves of energy caused by the motion of subatomic particles called free electrons.” - EARTHING (book)

Electrons are negatively charged and are in abundance, continually renewed by rain and lightning strikes and found near large bodies of water such as the sea or green spaces in Nature.

What Do Electrons Do?

Just one of the systems of energy that is created on the earth is the circadian rhythm (our sleep/ day cycle) and the interplays with the energy of the electrons. During the day the sun’s rays energize the electrons making them vibrate faster- thus giving us the energy to do what’s required each day. At night the electrons vibrate slower as the energy of the day diminishes and we feel sleepy and head to bed.

These negatively charged electrons, when absorbed by our bodies, reduce electrical imbalances in our body and the oxidative stress of free radicals that are responsible for chronic illness, inflammation, disease, and high vibrational mental states such as stress and anxiety.

Barefoot walking is one simple way we can connect to the healing energy of the earth.

Our feet have an abundance of nerve endings, sensory receptors, and the important role of keeping our body upright and moving. The nerves and senses send back important information to our brain about the temperature, texture, pressure, and emotional response to the ground below.