Building Resilience In Our Children

As the weekend approaches and I ready our gear for an overnight hike, my thoughts are with the excited girls who went off to school this morning longing for the time we pick them up and head off into the wilderness.

It started young with our girls. Few hours spent outdoors exploring built into day hikes and now their bags packed for the 2 days that we hit the trail.

To lead by example, to live our values and develop these attributes within our children build resilience, it builds spirit.

We each have a set of values that determines the choices we make. When we act in accordance with our values and beliefs system, we are happy content and open to a world of possibilities. As a parent, it’s our responsibility to build humans that soon enough venture off into the world as young adults.

It’s critical that we develop and serve as role models so that they have the skill set to be strong, kind and courageous individuals. Their future depends on this.

For Shannon and I; we take great responsibility in demonstrating how to be truthful, courageous, creative, persistent and caring. This often involves pushing, driving, inspiring and empowering our girls to be the best versions of themselves.

Our way of achieving this is through our actions. We live our values and to share our passion and experiences on the trails with our children is important to us.

To these young girls, it’s an adventure. It’s exciting and new. This is how we deliver these crucial lessons and hopefully build strong and capable, caring and kind humans, with a big serving of fun!

Shannon and I raise our girls with a sense of adventure, to appreciate the outdoors and to build resilience, mental toughness through challenging our bodies and minds. Learning to accept the elements and sit (or hike in this case) with it. Be comfortable with the uncomfortable. This reflects across into other areas of their lives, building resilience and fortitude.

It does require some forethought, some planning and plenty of snacks to encourage them at times on the demanding trail, but they are the better for it.

Have you explored with your children? Whether it’s a bushwalk or overnight hiking, there are some simple solutions to ensure a good time is had by all. Who knows they may even enjoy it!