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A Road Map Through The Unknown

We are wandering into unknown times. The way that I see it, is we have 2 choices; we can either choose to face our fears, let go of what we think ‘should be’ and set off on an epic adventure or, get dragged kicking and screaming regardless through the current state of affairs... I know I prefer to think of it as an adventure!

I've explored below a road map based on Joesph Campbells, 'Hero's Journey', a storytelling archetype. Right now, YOU have the opportunity to be the HERO of your own narrative, write the future story you want.

Life as we know it is changing daily and like a heroic journey, we are faced with trials and tribulations. We face grave dangers. Yet we each hold innate strengths and skills that set the foundation of our explorative journey.

Throughout life, we are confronted with numerous choices between the safety of our comfort zone and facing the unknown thus providing personal growth. We have the choice of dependence or independence, regression or progression, naivety or development.

The choices we make can enrich our experience and provide transformational growth or they can keep us in the fear mindset, in our comfort zone.

Right now we all have a choice. An opportunity to explore a new challenge, to let go of how we think things should be and embrace a new way. In this way, self-isolation can be viewed as an adventure, a critical decision that we need to choose in order to move forward in a new direction.

Now, as a collective society, we are at a point of no return. We are collectively vulnerable. We must head in a new direction. Take a new path. Realize that the direction we were heading was no longer serving any of us and reassess our choices. Embrace the new and unknown. Look to it with a curious mindset and explore a new adventure.

As with any journey, we need to identify any barriers in our path and look at ways we can use our strengths to overcome these. What supporters or mentors can you align with in order to assist you in your journey? Can you unmask anyone that appears to be sabotaging your efforts? Is it self-sabotage? Identify and devise.

It is easy in the current situation to find that laziness creeps in, late sleep in’s and poor diet, lack of movement or week-long Netflix binges can all contribute to obstacles in our path. We have an opportunity here to capitalize on the time to gain transformational growth. It’s a choice.

Find inspiration, not excuses.

Look to mentors and inspirational leaders to help you navigate the new territory we are in.

Who can you look to at this time and find sage advice in not only their words but their actions?

What are they doing to forge a better future?

If you quieten the world around you, put down your phone, turn off the tv and laptop and listen, what can you hear? Silence urban noise and tune into nature. The answers are on the wind, the chirping of birds and the stillness that surrounds you when you take time to listen. The stillness allows your own inner voice to be heard.

Intuitively, we know what we must do. When we silence the static, we have the strength to face fears and forge forward. We are always faced with dangers, whether psychological, physical or spiritual. The threshold is posed to identify what darkness we need to defeat, to come to the precipice, into a new way of being.

Nothing worth achieving comes easy; the same applies to adventure and path to growth, discovery, and self-realization. What are the strengths that you can draw upon to overcome and continue on your journey; determination, steadfastness, hope, strength, faith or creativity.

Utilizing our inner power is our reward. The gift of growth and insight upon return of our journey is our reward. We are no longer the same person for we have transformed through the experience. The physical and mental strength and determination to continue along the climb to the top of the mountain, we are rewarded with unsurpassed views and more importantly the intrinsic rewards of achievement and self-efficacy.

Personal transformation is achieved when we perceive that we successfully met our objective. We implement the lessons into our world and the journey of self-inquiry often revisited at times of future crises.

Maturity and wisdom are gained through overcoming challenges, letting go, and trusting to the adventure.

Right now, as a collective world society, we are facing our biggest adventure as humans. We have the opportunity to change our direction. Our mandatory self-isolation can either be a punishment or we can choose to see an adventure, an opportunity to develop ourselves into better humans.

To learn the guitar, learn how to sew or study that course you always wanted to but told yourself you never had the time.

We all have the choice NOW to see the silver lining in the current world crisis. To evolve to a better way of being.

What will you choose?

Amanda x

“You enter the forest at the darkest point

where there is no path.

Where there is a way or path, it is someone else’s path.

You are not on your own path.

If you follow someone else’s way,

You are not going to realise your potential. “



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