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A Decade In Review- Questions to Reflect

Sitting here reflecting on the last decade, searching for profound words to flow from my fingers to the page, I can’t quite put into words the array of emotions that arise. As I mentally flick through the catalogue of life events that deliver me to this day I wouldn’t change a thing, even the most painful experiences as they have produced the most rewarding outcomes.

It’s that old adage that ‘you can’t see the forest for the trees.’ When you are in the middle of emotional warfare, it’s hard to step back and gain the perspective required to move forward. Some days it’s about doing whatever possible to just get through the day.

In hindsight, every challenge, every struggle, every heartbreaking event has shaped the person I am, the character that plays in the game of life. I am learning to love her.

Starting the decade as a somewhat broken, naïve girl, late ’20s as a single mum having left a DV relationship, I was starting to rebuild myself whilst raising a tenacious, strong-willed daughter. I’d built a hardened exterior thought to protect me from the world, whilst new concepts of self-awareness and mindfulness started to filter through the cracks.

Reconnecting with an old friend, now husband over long nights of deep diving conversations that grew into soulful adventures, the first trekking the Annapurna basecamp of the Himalayas. The start of our adventurous life and what would be the birth of Holistic Hikes.

The polarity of pleasure and pain cumulates in a diverse range of experiences. All of which cannot be fully appreciated without having experienced the other. To live through these, good or bad, immersed at depths is where the magic happens.

As the calendar rolls over to 2020, I choose to reflect and invite you to do the same.

What new skills, characteristics, and strengths did I develop in the past 10 years?

Reflect on the growth and how this helped overcome challenges.

What were the greatest lessons I learned?

How did these arise? What was my reaction then and now? How has my mindset changed?

How did I support my body, mind and soul growth?

What worked for me and what are some unhealthy habits I need to lose.

What did I discover of myself?

What resources did I use or cultivate to enable this evolution?

What do I want to change moving into the next cycle of life?

What are the choices I need to make to align with my vision?

What brings me joy and love and how can I live this every day?

The end of the year is an opportune time to slow down and tune in. Assess where you have been, where you are now and the direction in which you want to go, your True North.

When we reflect, review and realign we find greater contentment, clarity of vision and live a life by design.

2020 is a year of clear vision. YOU create your ideal life through your actions. What will you create?

Amanda x

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