8 Benefits Of Group Hiking

Group celebrations and new connections made after 3 days on the trails of Wilsons Promontory

As a young solo woman, the hikes I took were often fraught with fear and very little time to relax into nature as I was reactive to each footstep that drew closer. I’d hold my breath, my ears pricked to the crunching of leaf litter underfoot growing increasingly faster and louder behind me.

My hands desperately searching the jacket pockets for my keys, a clammy fist with steadfast grip held them tightly, keys protruding between each of my fingers in anticipation. The unassuming runner, headphones in would nod and smile and be out of sight before I could bring my heart rate down, un be known to them the angst that their footsteps brought.

I had no mates that were willing or even a little bit excited about sweating it out hiking a summit or 'going bush' for a few days. I was alone in my desire to spend most of my spare time with only the essentials and trust in the elements.

Fast forward 10 years and I met Shan who luckily shares my love of hiking and camping. We have been fortunate to create time for family hikes and 2 out of 3 daughters love joining us. Traveling the remote trails and hike in camps with Shan provides reassurance and security to the young woman in me that feared the wilderness alone.

Other than the security hiking with others provides, there are a number of reasons why group hiking is beneficial;


Share your passion of the great outdoors with like-minded people. Often we don’t do the things we love because our partner/ friends don’t enjoy the same things. When you join a group hike you are exposed to people from all walks of life that you may not have encountered otherwise. Find commonalities; enjoy meeting and making new friends. Humans are social creatures and it’s ingrained in our DNA that we feel great when we are part of a community.

Shan guides the group along granite boulders from Sealers Cove to Refuge Cove.


Have you wanted to discover new places and not sure where to start or lack the confidence to navigate the trails yourself? Is it an overnight hiking experience that you are after? Adventures create the best memories and give us something to look forward to, reflect on and support a healthy life