What Happens when 5 Women take on 60km Coastal walk

From Left: Kylie, Monique, Amanda (me), Amy, Bianca

Friday morning started early, 4:24 am to be exact with a second alarm set for a strategic 2 mins later. I’m not usually a great morning person but I was alive with excitement. Needless to say the second alarm wasn’t required this morning.

Today was the day I was taking on 60 km of coastal trails, sand dunes and unrelenting hills. I was skipping around the house in the early hours trying not to wake my sleeping family, enthusiastic like a small child on Christmas day.

I kissed each of my kids, rolled some of my essential oils across their cheeks, bid farewell to hubby who I had woken with my horrible attempt at being quiet and drove to meet my team mates.

Arriving at Cape Schanck just before 6 am the atmosphere was electric. Hundreds of people flooded the path, head lights on, eccentric outfits of tutus and a buzz of voices. Our team had a later addition, Monique whose group had pulled out from injuries. I had to find her in this sea of people.

Moving towards the flood lights and sounds of the PA system, we found ourselves at the start line. New team mate, new bibs (captain B had neglected to pack them), another toilet trip to avoid bush wee’s first thing, and we were off!

It was 6:30 am and would be many hours before we finish.

The narrow track from Cape Schanck lighthouse to Boneo road was a jostle of people as teams tried to push their way to the front of the pack. It was a little like a stampede, afraid to stop or bend over in fear of being trampled by a pack of wild boar. Yes, even those wearing tutus were dangerously assertive of finding the front of the pack. Our team held pace, more importantly we held our composure in these tight trails.

Crossing Boneo Road the sun had risen over the rolling hills of Flinders farmland. The sleepy Kangaroo made their way to the undulating hills and shared grass pastures with the cows, which greeted them and the march of trekkers with a curious moo.

The Two Bays Trail section from Boneo road heading inland to Long point created more space with the wider paths and allowed teams to pass with little issue. Only 10 km in we were aware of team member, Amy, strugglin