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Secret Sauce

What is the secret sauce to longevity?

Attending a funeral yesterday and listening to the family speak of the 98 year old's vigour, zest for life and his innate connection with nature, it made me reflect on my own mortality and the legacy that I would too, will one day leave behind.

What is it that enables some to live a long fruitful life and others burden with disease and a life cut short? On the back of last weeks Journal, Longevity, this week I have presented some reflective questions for you to ponder.

There are certainly some factors we can control, (diet, exercise and lifestyle choices) whilst we have this knowledge, our society is heading down a slippery slope of health. WHY?

In 2017, The Australian Bureau of Statistics, found of all deaths in Australia, 27% were attributed to circulatory system diseases; heart disease, stroke, cardiovascular disease.

Heart disease is associated with lifestyle risk factors such as; smoking, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, being inactive, being overweight, an unhealthy diet and depression.

Our lifestyle choices are one the major factors that we can prompt change. Often we have the knowledge why we should make a change, the risks we take with indulgent behaviors, lifestyles choices and diet, however can become overwhelmed with HOW to initiate the change. Often this is the reason people become stuck in a self-perpetuating cycle.

There is more research, more education and more knowledge shared on health and well-being than ever before, however knowledge without action is futile.

So HOW do we convert knowledge into action?

Find your WHY -What is your motivation for change? WHY do you want to make this change?

Why is it important to you? What will happen if you don’t make this change? What are the consequences? Pro's & Con's?

What resources or tools are required for you to make the change?

What are the steps? What are the tasks at each step?

Who can be your support crew to help you achieve these goals?

What does this support look like?

Identify the barriers, the possible challenges and pre-empt these with a solution BEFORE they arise.

What are your triggers for this behaviour or action that you want to avoid? How can you do this? What is a positively framed alternative?

When do you wish to achieve this by? Setting a time line creates accountability and allows you to reflect on achievements– however ensure that time allowed is realistic.

Draw it, write it down. Create a visualize board.

These are some prompting questions for you to reflect and map out a plan of action.

Much personal discontent and disease stems from stagnicity and a visionless future. Our lifestyle and personal vision of our future can determine a life of health and well-being or conversely mental and physical disease.

To live a life of longevity, we must develop self, turn in with inquisitive enquiry and light the path to create the life we want.

When we understand our WHY to create desired changes, HOW we will get there, WHAT these changes look like, WHERE any challenges may lay, WHO will cheer us on along the way, WHEN we hope to achieve changes, we become clearer on our path. Don’t be afraid to change direction if you find yourself down a well-trodden path that is fruitless.

My secret Sauce mixes together the paragraph above with good nutrition, a lifestyle of love, laughter, movement and mindfulness.

What's in your secret sauce?

Amanda x

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