This week I turned 38 years old. I had joked for years about my resistance to getting older but in truth I am excited for what each years unfolds and things to come.

The stories of each life event thus far are written on my face, shown in lines the path taken. I would prefer in the written expression but they’re not.

Aging is inevitable. In some cultures, it is the older that are proclaimed wiser and not defined by their looks but their wisdom and storytelling abilities.

We live in a culture that celebrates youth and beauty; however none of us are immune to the answer of time.

Age should be a marker of achievement. To reflect on what events have shaped the person we are today. Each time we celebrate a birthday, think about how blessed we are and what gifts, challenges and discoveries we have made. What new layers of ourselves were discovered, developed or unearthed?

Rather than fearing 40, 50, 60 or whatever the number is for you, let’s own it. Celebrate it by taking care of yourself body, mind and spirit.

The longevity secret is no secret at all. To live a long, healthy life we need to take care of our body, mind and spirit.

Good Nutrition is the foundation of a healthy, functioning body and mind, able to work at full capacity. The right foods will slow the aging process, importantly at a cellular level and improve the quality of your life.

Food alone can’t fight for longevity, it requires a holistic approach. Whilst we can fuel our bodies with optimal nutrition, if we aren’t mindful of our thoughts, stress and lifestyle choices we are ultimately self-sabotaging. Every part of our body is continually being replaced and stress, diet, exercise, computers/phones, pollution and overexposure to sunlight all play their part in depleting nutrients and damaging cells.

The holistic approach takes into consideration Nutrition, Mental aptitude and lifestyle choices. We can eat well but if we don’t move our bodies through physical exercise reduce our mental stress and get sufficient sleep, the balance is thrown.

Some of my favourite food to support longevity are as below: