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Shift Perspective

It become apparently clear to me this week that regardless of our upbringing, our siblings don't share the same perspective on many things, outlook on life being number one.

Is the cup half full or half empty kinda thing..

Holism is the theory that all things are interconnected. As such as we get older and take lessons from our younger days these intermingle with experiences that we uniquely take as we traverse this life game.

Our beliefs and values change overtime and its often when we don't flex, don't take the lessons from the experiences and blame, deflect, ignore, that these become 'challenges'.

Every interaction, every experience that challenges us in some way is there as a gift not a obstacle. They are given to us to experience the full range of emotions and explore our inner landscape and make decisions based on a life we wish to lead, not necessarily the one we are.

What are your biggest challenges? Or who?

We often have people in our lives that unavoidably trigger a range of emotions within. Speaking from painful personal experience, this has led me to explore what it is about these people that grate my nerves, trigger me to react a certain way, for me to later question;

Why? Why did I react? What was there intention?

Often, the other person has no idea how they are effecting you. Its your reaction or sensitivity to what and how they are saying things. If this is the case, maybe consider there is more going on in their lives that you aren't aware of.

Are they insecure? Is it something about your approach to them each time you interact, based on previous experience?

Or conversely,

Is this shinning a light on darker side within you? What is it that's being brought up?

What are they (challenges) trying to teach you? Can you take a different approach?

It requires conscious effort to shift our ingrained views. To take the learning's and apply them. To move past our ego that wants to look at the half empty cup and see that it is in fact half full. You've drunk the other half and its makings its way through your body, nourishing your body.

Lets work on shifting perspective and nourishing our mind.

How can you recognise ingrained behaviours and flip them?

Amanda x

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