8 Ways To Clear The Internal Clutter

Our thoughts, when internally collected and ruminated, can be likened to Aunt Edna’s house where an inch of the carpet can’t be seen through her excessive hoarding.

Many of the collections of things in Edna’s’ house, are old, collecting dust and stagnant. They serve no purpose and some not recognizable and others can’t be seen at all BUT they sure are contributing to the clutter.

One by one, as we clear out the clutter, we gain control of the racing mind and start to gain clarity and contentment.

Try one of the following ways or start at #1 and work towards #8

1. Clean up your act- literally and figuratively. The simple act of cleaning up reduces anxiety by creating a clean space in which to operate from.

Be it your handbag, bedside table, kitchen or wardrobe. Clearing out the mess and bringing a little more organization will translate to less anxiety, more focus and clarity- both in what you can see and how it makes you feel.

Purging the excess baggage that we carry, physically and metaphorically allows space for more happiness and clarity to resonate from our internal being.

2. Journal- find a quiet space and time (yeah I know very hard) and let it flow out. Let all the thought come out onto the page. Explore them, what are they? Where do they originate from? Is it a concern? What are your options?

When we allow our thoughts to flow out onto the page we can better see them for what they are and decide if we wish to carry these or to let them go. Journaling creates an opportunity for your mind to be heard and your heart to examine them.

Do you ever notice when you have vented to a friend over coffee, hearing yourself speak and come up with a solution to your own problem? Or maybe you hear your thoughts and don’t agree or somehow when said out loud/written, they seem insignificant. Our mind has a way of blowing things out of proportion. You have the opportunity to change these .

3. Shake it off- Best way to beat the anxiety jitters!? Put on the your jam and dance around the house. Make your movements as random and fluid as possible and feel the inner clutter shake from your fingertips!

By moving our body we are helping the flow of energy through our bodies. Like anything stagnant, it becomes negative so move it to lose it – the internal chatter and anxiety that is!

The music can be uplifting, high energy Zumba like, or soulful.I find when I’m in a funk (brain in overdrive) or need some motivation I put on some upbeat dance music. The high tempo raises my heart rate, increases endorphins and allows me to literally shake it out my fingertips!

4. Eat well- We’ve all heard the catch phrase- “you are