5 Ways To Overcome Self-Sabotage

We all have those weeks where we feel a little overwhelmed and drop the ball.. right?!

This week in combination with a full moon, the level of anxiety to ‘get things done’ has leveled up like the rising tides with the pull of the moon.

I have taken on extra hours at the Psychology clinic which means 9 hour days and with 18 hours less this week to work on the business, family time and life( by way I mean chores), I have held the same expectation of myself to achieve my goals.. unrealistic right?!

The fastest way to create anxiety!

Anxiety creates a domino effect of negative behaviours such as overthinking, avoidance, lack of patience, digestive issues, lack of self-belief and my favourite go-to, procrastination.

Self-sabotage at its worst!

When we are worried about things that haven’t happened yet, tomorrow’s schedule or what’s happening Saturday, we stop living in the present moment and this is when we drop the ball and spiral into self-defeating behaviours.

So rather than give insight into my incredible self-Sabotage efforts this week, I’ll share instead the good bits of how I turned my week around!


This might seem a little too simple but I assure you IF you actually stick to this idea of scheduling chores, tasks or even Netflix & chill time, you will see a dramatic improvement in not only your anxiety levels but productivity.

By scheduling a block of time to a task and dedicating solely to this, you will find that with focused attention you will complete faster. This then allows you to move onto your next block of time and subsequent task.

Understandably in a position where you are answering calls etc, this may be a little harder to implement, however try applying the method where possible as it will alleviate stress, increase productivity and make you feel accomplished.


Self-awareness of our thoughts, feelings and behaviours allows us to reflect and change any negative aspects of ourselves. By recognizing our less than desirable traits, we create an opportunity to transform them.

Journaling also allows us to be present in the moment and truly connect with our feelings. Often when we stop and write things down, they flow from an inner space longing to be hear