Good Foods - Good Moods!

With the pressures of work life balance, juggling kids activities and trying to feed a family whilst maintaining composure (aka not losing your shit) can be a challenge, I get it.

Add to that fussy eaters, allergies, and trying new things to break the monotony can be well, overwhelming..

The key is to keep it simple!

There may be an abundance of iInsta foodies with beautifully laid out poke bowls or salads styled for magazine shoots, however all this means nothing if your family isn’t going to eat it! Plus comparing your reality to someone’s fictitious life is purely soul crushing.. I get it!

Working with families, I always base menu and meals off what they are already eating with the focus on expanding from here. Gaining an idea of what flavours they like, dislike and any allergies. There is no point recommending spice and chilli if they can’t handle the heat or garlic and onions if they suffer fructose intolerance!

Many of the recipes have options to add depth and flavour through spices and fresh herbs. Working with your palette and introducing these flavours slowly, can you then create a diversity of nutritious meals. Often, we only need a little inspiration!

I will suggest to my clients to look at food magazines as a source of inspiration. We have a multi-cultural society and to unlock the flavours of the world is truly going to cultivate the variety of meals AND aid your gut microbiome....

That’s another journal – See previous post about 10% human and the bacteria you want on your (in)side to learn more about the importance of the bacteria in relation to gut-mind health!

My own children have always eaten a diverse range of food. I love spice, curries and fresh herbs, chilli and garlic. I’m an intuitive cook and will rarely use a recipe and my husband often laughs when I 'try' follow one, as I will change it half way through essentially not ‘using ‘ it all, other than for inspiration. I urge you to do the same.

The more you try new things, the more confidence you will gain and who knows you may even come to enjoy it!

The following meals are some of my go-to when I lack inspiration or desire for trying a new recipe. This changes depends on my mood, creativity, season and just how many shits I give on a given day. I am a mother, wife, daughter, employee and entrepreneur.. it gets exhausting so why make life and eating tasty food harder than it need to be?!

Wild Fried Rice

Garlic Greens & Salmon

Broccoli & Feta Salad

No Cook Tuna & Bean Salad

As with any recipe, try it and adjust flavours to suit. We often add jalapeno's or chilli to our meals for extra hit. Chilli also increases the metabolism, helping to burn fat!

Eating seasonally available fruit and vegetables ensures that you are getting the maximum nutritional value from the food. It also tastes better, is cheaper and in more abundance.