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The 7 Areas of Life Balance

Want a different result? Change it up, gain different perspective and approach through alternate actions.

Do you want to stop the cycle of stress, fatigue, and frustration and bring balance back into your life?

Our lives seem more chaotic than ever, with diminishing health, longer work hours, and rising levels of anxiety, depression with mental illness affecting young children.

It’s almost worn as a badge of honor within today’s society, competing for the title of the busiest;

“I’m so busy”. “Oh, yes me too. My day……”

We create excuses, opt-out if it's too hard, numb out the headache of the day, and treat ourselves with quick fixes.

When we are so entrenched in our high-stress, overstimulated lifestyle we tend not to look to far outside that box. We neglect the bigger picture and become reactive to each day. It's only when we reflect, look back and wonder what we did with the time...

Without perspective, something to SHAKE you up, making you recognize the pattern of behavior you will be blind to the practical options that are available to you to cultivate calm and balance back into your life.

When instead if we learnt to manage ourselves and our stressors, we would cease to react emotionally, enable self-care in a positively driven way.

I too, can often find myself repeating a stress-cycle. It isn’t until we take a different approach, reignite our passions, and become focused on implementing positive changes, step by step. With a plan that helps outline what steps are required, rather than aimlessly throwing sh!t out to see if it sticks..

People often assume that achieving balance is about making radical changes. The opposite is true. It requires intention and discipline.

Intention is pretty solid however motivation is like our sleep cycle and in flux. When discipline is weak and you’ve taken on a lofty goal, it allows space to create excuses for failure.

Instead, setting small, achievable goals will power your motivation and build intrinsic muscle- it gets stronger with each positive step in the right direction.

There are 7 main areas in life that are important for all of us;

  1. Social & family Relationships

  2. Career & Educational Aspirations

  3. Financial Security

  4. Physical health/ leisure

  5. Life’s routine responsibilities

  6. Society & contribution

  7. Mental, emotional& inner well-being

The importance that different individuals will place on each area will differ. However, if we are able to maintain an element of focus in each of the areas of our lives, we are more likely to achieve a healthy life balance.

Download The Life Balance Workbook to identify what area of you life need a little more attention.

Post festive season, I am taking a hard look at areas of my life where I need to make changes to align with my goals. It's a work in progress and helpful if we check in with ourselves periodically to keep on track.

Leave the "What if's" behind and create a future with attention on your intention!

Amanda x

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