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How Nature Immersion & Sensory Awareness Cultivates Calm

Take a walk outside into the forest. Breathe in the earthy smells, listen to the birdsong, the river flowing, the wind as it dances through the leaves of the tall tree’s. Feel the breeze on your skin. Is it cool? Warm? Notice how the ground feels under foot.

What can you see furthermost in the distance? Notice how it isn’t in focus. There is a haze that won’t allow clear vision. Now find an insect and watch what it is doing. Maybe there is a bee buzzing from flower to flower working to collect pollen. Are there birds darting from branch to branch?

Changing our perspective from near and far, can be applied to the shift of perspective required in our daily lives when faced with challenges or a fixed mindset that isn’t supportive of goals, dreams or healthy relationships.

Your senses bring you into the present moment. Walking slowly, we can focus our awareness to a sensory experience, stepping out of our head the loop of stories we tell ourselves, into our body to feel, see, smell, taste and hear what is going on around us.

Finding a place to sit, it may be beneath tall pines or in a ferny valley, let go any thoughts ruminating in your mind and take in with full awareness where you are.

What can you see?

What can you touch or feel?

What can you hear?

What can you smell?

What can you taste?

Focus on tuning in to your senses. What are they telling you? What is Nature telling you? Be receptive to the gifts that Nature offers us. Feel supported as you sit in the green space. Allow all thoughts to drift past like clouds in the sky.

Come into your body and feel your sit bones, legs and feet connect to the earth. Imagine lightness throughout your body, let your worries drift away. Be in this moment and reset your balance.

Grounding work which occupies all our senses is particularly effective when we are in Nature. When we take in all that Nature has to offer, it settles within us. We are welcomed home.

Let go of time and the constraints and enjoy the stillness.

Nature supports our body’s natural capacity for self-healing and wellness. The relationship is reciprocal; we exhale carbon dioxide the tree breathes in. We breathe in the phytoncides the tree’s release to protect themselves from insects, fungus and molds. These chemicals compounds act as anti-oxidants within our bodies, essentially protecting and healing us too.

Studies the world over have proved that time in nature can:

  • Reduce blood pressure

  • Reduce stress, bring a state of calm by lowering cortisol and adrenaline

  • Stimulate serotonin, resulting in less depressive and anxious symptomatology

  • Improve pain thresholds

  • Improve cardiovascular and metabolic health = reduce heart disease and improve stool frequency (reducing likelihood of developing colon cancer), assisting in weight loss and or management whilst increasing energy

  • Boost immune system whilst also increasing the bodies NK activity. The NK (natural killer) cells are a type of white blood cell that attack and kill unwanted cells such as those infected with a virus or tumor cells

  • Increase in anti-cancer protein production

  • Provide Vitamin D , essential for numerous vital functions in the body including; mood regulation, bone, teeth, lung and heart function

  • Provide creative solutions to challenges by engaging both sides of the brain

In our nature-starved lives, it’s more essential than ever to experience the healing power of Nature.

Our children are growing up in a technologically advancing world where nature isn't respected as a healer. We need to create a Yin & Yang balance that encourages the primal nature of play outdoors to set our children up with self-regulation and grounding techniques that they can take into their adult lives.

The rise of Mental Health issues prevalent requires a holistic approach;

Nutrition, Movement and Nature Immersion

Connecting with the Natural world with sensory awareness has a remarkably healing effect. It will awaken our dormant connection with the Natural world, the more than human world.

Let's connect, face to face and cultivate calm together.

Amanda x

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