Tips for Overcoming fussy eaters! Healthy habits start at home.

Do your kids ever stop eating? Fussy and wont eat (insert colour or texture)? Do you feel like you're always in the kitchen feeding hungry, fussy mouths? They're hungry for snacks, not for meals? You're pulling together a quick breaky before rushing out the door to work/ school, you are making lunches or thinking about what to eat for dinner.

Sound familiar?

It can can be exhausting!

I get it! I have 3 kids and whilst they're pretty good, there is definitely stages where green apples are repulsive then okay the next. This is completely natural and children often cycle through stages with foods, colours and textures as their tastes buds develop.

Its hard to keep up but read on as I have some tips for you!

One of the most common nutritional concerns from parents is their children’s fussy eating.

Rejection of certain foods at mealtimes is a natural course of a child development. Children reject foods for many reasons and it’s common for them to be suspicious of new things.

Arm this with their new found independence and you have a battle of epic proportions on your hands, if not dealt with in the right way.

The four truths of fussy eating

It is a nutritional challenge

It is completely normal

It generally passes

Can create frustrations and stress for all

However, there are some common beliefs with those endured it before you. They are:

Be a good role model with your own eating habits

Keep offering healthy food, don’t worry if it get rejected

Eat as a family, at the table

It will pass, all children at different stages. Ground work is key