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An Engaging Title...

Constant demands for our attention; Look here, buy this, share this. Bright red to grab your attention, Green to promote health..

Our senses are dealt with a serious blow daily. Flashing, moving, sounds. Anything that grabs our attention then we are off onto the next dopamine hit, wherever that may come from. Social Media? Someone likes your post, page or comments on your picture.

What does all this mean?

Have you stopped for a minute to look beyond the screen and connect with these people that ' connect' so well online?

How are you feeling emotional? Are you anxious? depressed? Feeling flat for no good reason?

When was the last time you actually met someone for a coffee and had an honest, open and face to face convo?

We kinda all know that too much screen time aint good for us.. but do we really understand what it all means?

Let me shed some (day) light.. Keep reading, if i haven't already put you to sleep and ill tell you some pretty good reasons to get outdoors, away from any electronic device and how to recharge your MOJO (ju ju, spirit,soul- whatever you want to call it really..whats it to me?) through simple, effective and health promoting ways!

Keep reading.. I'll bold and italic the list for you;

Too much screen time can disrupt sleep by interfering with Melatonin (sleepy hormone) via blue light emitted by screens and electronic devices, reducing REM and deep restorative sleep required to reboot our working system. This also effects our ability to store memories, concentrate on tasks and have alertness to tend to daily tasks.

The above...then leads to Memory fog, confusion which research shows can increase anxiety, depression and memory retention (aka storing memories). * Continual cognitive fogginess, lack of retention and illness can lead to early onset dementia.

Research has shown that with the increase of screen time there is a correlation of increase in depression, anxiety and lack of confidence. Mostly associated with the comparison complex.

Add to this, the more sedentary lifestyles and convenience foods the risk of obesity has greatly increased, which puts you at risk of diabetes, then again, dementia (or more accurately Alzheimer's).

Still want to scroll mindlessly?

Despite the "connectivity", research shows that people feel more isolated in direct correlation of time spent on Social Media, Netflix or Computer generated games.

Humans are hard wired for intimate (not sexy time) connection, one that engages all our senses. Ever smelt something and instantly thought of someone? Heard a song or tune and the same happens.. We connect senses to emotions to build relationships... Primal Mind..

Want to learn more about Primal Mind?

How it can improve your mindset

Improve your relationships

Reduce stress

Improve overall health, promote healing and build a stronger immunity

Increase pain threshold and reduce inflammation and severity of pain duration

PLUS so many more benefits!

We are so interconnected to Nature in more ways than what we can see. We need to immerse ourselves and surrender our senses to really feel the difference.

Step outdoors, away from your screens and open all senses to the magic of Primal Mind.

Join a group walk for a guided Mindfulness Hike and feel first hand the rejuvenation, calm and presence of being at one within Nature.

Amanda x

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