PMS- How Nutrition, Mindfulness & Nature can cool the beast.

It's that time of month and anyone that come remotely close to you can feel the fire in your breath. The lingering stare, the wrong words or the lack of patience for others incompentencies can create a untamed lioness within unrecognizable to even yourself. It doesn't have to be this way. Trust me I know!

Whilst I still fear the roar that can rise from the depths of my soul, I recognize that its the years of pushing it down, silencing it that drive its upwards motion each month is fighting for the recognition it deserves. The recognition of the birth-death-rebirth and the wondrous cycle the female body is capable of. Its fight for appreciation, after all that's what women want right?!

With each cycle, I've learnt to sync into my intuitive power to find the solace I need. The self-love, self-care, appreciation, gentleness that calms the beast. To sleep and rest when I feel tired and drained. To find the comfort in yoga to gently work the muscles, not a hard grind at the gym. The words we internalize; self-talk, the over thinking and analyzing. It all needs to take a rest whilst we have a bath, soothe our soul and regenerate.

A time for rest, rejuvenation and re-examining old beliefs.

In ancient times women were relegated to the " red tent". The belief that a woman was bleeding and needed rest from chores, and was cared for by elders in the tribe. Massages and bathing, gentle self care rituals were the centre of this society, not ridicule and taunting. It was celebrated by the tribes and women given the rest they needed for their bodies to function as Nature intended. Young girls not yet women joined elders whose bodies had completed the reproductive cycle to cook and clean as the men tended to their chores.

There is much we can learn from these ancient rituals of women and how they celebrated their bodies, the ways in which they interacted with other women and the community in which they thrived. Modern society has disconnected so much of our Primal Mind that we are lost in the turbulence of the stresses of the world. It is time that we re-introduce the intuitive wisdom that celebrated our bodies for the unique and the amazing things they are capable of.

With modern times and science we have further explored and expanded our knowledge into the medicinal effects of food. This stands true for the time of month that our bodies require more energy, specific nutrients and how this can ultimately effect our pain thresholds, moods and physiology.