Packing Light for Overnight Adventures

Eating well when on the trail can be a challenge, however with a little forethought and preparation, things needn't be so hard.

Over the Grand Final long weekend, Shan and I along with some friends took to the trail of the Great Ocean Road. Traversing over undulating hills for 3 days with all clothes, supplies and tents on our backs, doesn't sound appealing for some, however I'm in my element.

We often over-complicate things in our daily lives. Create issues that needn't exist and conjure up the stresses in our minds. In Nature, the simplicity of things intensifies with a direct correlation to the ache of muscles. Its a true challenge to carry 14+ kgs on your back for 3 days so when it comes to food, you want to ensure that you are packing light!

I enjoy a challenge, so like any other I started with my options. Most light weight camp food is full of preservatives and taste second rate, not to mention ridiculously expensive! A little mission around your local supermarket and you will find there are plenty of options for light weight, single serve dehydrated and freeze dried foods.

Carman's sugar free oats provided a great breakfast and the addition of home-made trail mix with Robert Timms coffee bag was sensational start to the day. Wild Rice cinnamon pudding pouches are also a great way to create variety to breakfast and provides protein, slow release carbohydrates and magnesium for hard working bodies.

Chef Ainsley Harriot's single serve flavoured cous cous or rice were for lunches. Simply add boiling water (thanks Jetboil) and they come to life! We added Safcol tuna pouches (light weight also) and each meal per serve weighed under 90g.

The cous cous was vegetable or mushroom flavour and we had the Singapore/ Vegetable rice.Tuna pouches come in different flavours; olive oil, sweet chili, tomato and onion, providing variety. We mixed through the tuna pouches for a complete meal. Tasted great and less preservatives than other options. At $4 per serve (rice/cous cous and tuna), it is hard to beat!

Ideally I would have grabbed some more freeze-dried vegetables to have, limiting the amount of carbohydrates even though all fuel burnt during hill climbs. If we were away for longer than 3 days, more vegetables would have found their way to my mouth.