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Who's your top 5?

Last weeks journal touched on the long known idea that suggests we are the top 5 people we spend our time with. It is an interesting concept when you think about it. We unassumingly adopt another persons behaviours as our genetic disposition triggers a primal element within our psyche, that we need to act, feel and behave the same to survive.

Whilst this was true for an ancestors in the paleolithic era, the same cannot be said for now. We have developed socially, emotionally and physically yet some of these primal elements remain. In having this social evolution, we know that we needn't adapt to fit in but move to another social circle where we are intellectually matched.

When we are looking to improve health,or work towards a behaviour change or goal, it is imperative that we surround ourselves with people that will assist and support us with our goals. That said, changes also require commitment by you as there will always be a challenge, a vice, an excuse, an event etc where you will be tempted.

" We are the average of the 5 people we spend our time with."

Jim Rohn

Based on the law of averages which is the theory that the result of any given situation will be the average of all outcomes.

Our environment and those within it greatly influence us, whether we think so or not. They can effect our behaviours, thinking and even our self-esteem. Pack mentality can kick in if we don't have the will power to say NO. Think spring races, and overindulging only to kick yourself the following days for losing control. Once you lose control there is a tendency to let things slip further, creating a vicious cycle BUT the the first step from here is recognizing the problem and working to solution.

Working within the SMART goal framework get clear on your SPECIFIC goal. How will you MEASURE this? Is it ATTAINABLE? Is it RELEVANT to your specific goal? Set a TIME FRAME in which you wish to attain your goal..

When we are clear on our SMART goals we can look ahead and see potential challenges. In the same mind, we can ensure that the people we chose to spend our time with are supporting not sabotaging our efforts. Being aware of these pitfalls ahead of time helps us better manage them when time comes.

I know first hand that when I need a reboot to the system, Shan is the first to jump in feet fist with me to 1, support me and 2, feel great himself. Vice-Versa. It helps if your partner is willing to work towards goals with you. It creates accountability as human nature, we don't want to let another person down as easily we do ourselves.

Look around you. Who are you currently spending your time with? Are they positively or negatively influencing your decisions, behaviours and actions?

Are you clear on your SMART goals and aware of your challenges on the path ahead?

My top 5 are often changing depending on what realm of lifestyle I am currently working through; Mind, Body or Soul.

Mindful Techniques to approach the frivolousness of Spring;

- Scheduling; This is a technique used by the most successful people as it reduces procrastination and create time frames for work, play and rest. Tailor to your circumstances however I find that working out in the morning sets up my body and mind for the day. Also, by the end of a big day, I want to come home to dinner and chill. Scheduling works will commitment and willpower, so its important to be clear on your goals to ensure that this is driving you.

- Prepare; for anything! Prepare meals and lunches for the week ensures that you have healthy meals and snacks and wont be driven by hangry urges. If you are eating out or attending Spring races events, there are many healthy options on the menu, check it out ahead of time so that you can make decisions based on your goals. If attending a picnic races, there are many options that you can take along without feeling deprived. Think hummus and veggie sticks, fruit salads and fruit flavoured waters.

- Teamwork; Joining up with a group of like-minded people that are looking to achieve a common goal or chase a feeling, can help with encouragement, comradeship and create a positive lifestyle shift. Often at the end of Winter there is a huge sign up to gym memberships to " shift that winter weight". This is more seasonally driven whereby its my belief that create the shift in mental aptitude we need permanent and lifestyle changes.

It all comes down to choice, your choice. A lifestyle. I choose to spend my time with people whom inspire me to be a better version of myself. I choose to spend my time in Nature over Online connection. I choose to fuel my body with nutritious food that makes me feel good however life is about balance so eat chocolate and drink the wine!

What do you choose? Who's in your top 5?

Amanda x

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