A recipe for Success

Spring carries with it thoughts of blossoming flowers, longer days and sunshine. Any wonder we are more motivated to change when Nature is so beautiful. We want to emulate what we are surrounded by and this brings to me the notion, that when we are surrounded by like-minded people or even spending time with people that we want to be like, we become like them.

It is said that we are the top 5 people we surround ourselves with so if this stands to be true for intellectual development, workplace camaraderie then why not the pillars of health; Nutrition and what we eat, when and why.


Our meal times are often a frenzied fast fix to get out the door to work, school or eaten at our desk whilst we work through another lunch break. Dinner's can also be a drama after a long day and neither you or hubby can be arsed to make anything or sit mindlessly stuffing whatever into your mouth. * No judgement, ive been there and at times still eat at my desk.. This is why I stress the importance of meal prep and shopping right, to ensure that you have simple go to recipes such as below to keep you focused and fueled for optimal health. BUT... that's all for another post!

As humans we all need to eat to survive and with a society that is busier and more stressful than ever, we feel like this is more of a challenge than ever... but it doesn't have to be! Eating good food that fuels our body and mind can be incredibly simple. We needn't eat like a Food blogger ever night, trust me they dont either! Its about creating simple, tasty and nutritious food that you enjoy.

If its easy to prepare, taste great, and is good for you, its ticking all the boxes and the benefits will be evident on your skin, the sparkle in your eyes and the energy you radiate. Who doesn't want to feel good all the time?!

A great recipe that my family enjoys is the Poke Bowl- aka, deconstructed salad bowl. Super simple and the texture, flavours and ingredients can be adapted to to your tastes, the seasons or what you have on hand! How could it be simpler? A big bonus is that this style of eating is super affordable (residual single mum mentality keeps our food budget for a family of 5 under $200 per week) plus it sets good habits in our children of food choices and variety.

Spring and its warmer weather, the family is more likely to want a colder salad however adding warm elements such as the salmon rounds off the meal well. Easy to throw together with what ingredients you have, my favourite recipe is as below. I usually have all these ingredients on hand but all are available from local supermarket or grocers.

Asian Inspired Salmon Poke Bowl