The Power of Giving

'The best gift is giving from your heart'

* The image above capture the living conditions of the poorest in Cambodia. The floods wipe out their homes and the unsanitary conditions create life threatening health issues. *

Through giving, we enrich our own lives and the lives of others. Social Psychologists have found that people's sense of happiness is greater when they spend relatively more on others than on themselves.

The Dalai Lama observes that happiness does not come from material things but rather from a deep, genuine concern for others' happiness. Religions worldwide assert to the fact, that focusing on one's own needs instead of others' results in negative emotions that prevent true and lasting happiness for the self.

** Food package & blankets/ shade sails are part of the gift as many family cant afford a bag of rice **

So religious, spiritual or otherwise the research shows that greater happiness is achieved when as a species, we humans look out for one another. Acting from a selfless place where your action has an impact will essentially benefit both parties.

Side note; The happiest person that I have ever met is Chhun Bann, the Smiling Monk who's selfless dedication to helping the poorest of his country, drives his smile.