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How to fire up your Mental Metabolism

We all know the hibernation effect winter has on our bodies and minds. There is a cycle as with all things in life that has an ebb and flow. Winter has been a dark cloud over my mind this year, as with many I speak to, and whether you believe in the synchronicity of the season cycle, we are all ultimately affected.

This winter has been the down time that I’ve required to introspectively look at life events and re-evaluate their meaning.

Having my mother diagnosed with breast cancer this year created darkness so bleak, I believed the sun wouldn’t shine so bright ever again. It is in these dark times we reflect on our own mortality and what it is we are to give to the world, our legacy. To forge through the darkness into light, provides insight and strength.

“So, it is usually a matter of time before a woman calls up her courage from the soul bones, cuts herself a golden reed, and plays the secret of her own strong voice”. – Clarissa Pinkola Estes

So whilst deep in introspective slumber, I wake to the new season, to the forthcoming spring and invite you to awaken to your own internal knowing. We need only the right questions to draw the answers from within, to open like a spring flower blossoming in the sun.

The sunshine brings happiness through the warmth of its rays and we again find ourselves full of life and vigour. This is the cycle of the seasons; we require one to appreciate the other.

Stepping into the new season, we can shed the beliefs that no longer serve us and anything we are holding onto that is no longer relevant. Releasing these pain points assists self-healing. Speak of your grievances, face the un-faceable, grieve and move past, you need not ruminate. This is where your healing happens.

Wild and free, filled with new life.

In essence of moving through the seasons, I’ve shared below some strategies from transitioning from hibernation to spring. Fire up your mental metabolism your internal fire and drive for something more meaningful.

Connect with others. The genuine connections that can’t be framed by a screen or like on your posts. Connect within a community that feeds your soul, which enlivens your spirit. This is different for all of us. It could be a solitary walk along the beach or through the bush. Being in nature creates a sense of well-being and initiates creative thought processes, allowing you to arrive at creative solutions to your problems. Check out the Group walks for more info!

Work it out- or just work out. Exercise releases endorphin’s that make you feel good, alive and reduce depression and anxiety. Whilst you may not be up for a 2 hour slog at the gym, find something that works for you. A 30 min HIIT session has been shown to be as effective as an hour long workout. A walk in nature or try a yoga class to balance both mind and body.

Eat well. Eating a predominately vegetarian diet with fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel and tuna will boost your fibre intake and deliver essential nutrients for a healthy brain, gut and heart. When we eat well, our body innately knows how to do the rest.

Journal. The simple act of writing down our thoughts allows us to reflect more clearly on what it is we are thinking. A gratitude journal is a great start. Each morning write 3 things that you are grateful for and why. You will feel a sense of elation wash over you by focussing on the positive aspects of your life.

Volunteer. This is a Big one for me as I have been actively looking for a people I can work with through Holistic Hikes. Whether this is Nutrition, Mindfulness or Nature, or even a combination of all 3. Giving back to people less fortunate or in need of a little pep in their current circumstances.

Find something that you are passionate about and helping others creates a sense of self-worth and fires your mental metabolism!

See you on the trail..

Love & Light

Amanda x

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