Plant Power-How plants are the key to Happiness

Unless you've been living under a rock, you would know that a plant based diet with leafy green vegetables is the staple for a 'healthy diet'. If you have been then I'm sure there is also a plethora of nutrients under that rock too but if you want to know a little more about how the green stuff is the key to your happiness, read on.

Other than the vegetables we consume, the plants and tree's we surround ourselves with provide a lot more than the oxygen we breathe. Bringing Nature inside and having plants throughout your home is more than aesthetics.

It provides numerous health benefits such as:

- Absorbing the carbon dioxide (our waste product of exhalation)

- Releases oxygen, increasing the oxygen in our homes

- Filter toxic chemicals from the air, such as those found in cleaning products, fabrics, paints and cigarette/cooking smoke

- Increase humidity; protects us from respiratory problems

- Improve immunity and boosts mood

- Create feelings of calm and happiness from their aesthetic beauty

- Creates a sense of connection, to nature, the collective conscious

- Some plants deter insects, bugs and moths

- Studies globally have found that when surrounded by the colour green, we are happier, less tired, improve immunity

- Reduce blood pressure

- Lower stress and boost energy

"Green, which is Nature's colour, is restful, soothing, cheerful, and health-giving." - Paul Brunton

Intake of good quality air in our homes, particularly when we are asleep is essential to our health as it plays a role in every function of our body. You know that you feel better, sleep better and feel healthier when you have been walking in Nature.

It is the increased flow of oxygen to your organs, importantly, your brain, the inhalation of phytoncides (plants defense/ antioxidants) and calming surroundings that create this.

Did you know most plants will switch at night to absorb oxygen and release carbon dioxide, however not all plants do this. Plants such as succulents also release oxygen at night, making these ideal plants for the bedroom.

The top 10 plants to purify air as researched by NASA are:

1. Peace Lily

2. Golden Pothos

3. English Ivy

4. Chrysanthemum

5. Gerbera Daisy

6. Mother In Law's Tongue

7. Bamboo Palm

8. Azalea