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What Women Want

Ambiguous title really... If you're anything like me, what I want is in constant flux and often in conflict of myself. That’s the nature of the beast. I am woman and it’s the somewhat insignificant things that are, well, NOT so insignificant!

Why? Because, that’s what I want!

I’m not demanding the world delivered at my feet or any grandeur that’s recklessly egotistical. I want the simple shit. The little everyday things; help without asking, a thoughtful gesture, someone else to cook, the kids to stop arguing, and the teenager to stop arguing with you, a little more self-love, the release of guilt when you do something 100% for yourself!

I’m solid on what I want in the core of life; love- family, friends and self, truth, soul creativity and genuine expression, travel. The list goes on but you get the gist. As mothers, there is an unnecessary pang of guilt when you chose to do something for yourself. Choose to spend time building your sense self, follow your dreams or the simplicity of treating yourself to a manicure/facial? Do I dare mention a weekend away with friends? Recently, a friend of friend, sister’s mother cousin, actually it doesn’t matter who, the point is this woman was not “allowed” a weekend away with her girlfriends.

While some with balk at this, I know and understand too well the sad truth of why as women we allow this kind of dictatorship. It happened to me. A young naïve mother at the tender age of 21 (see my daughter Tiana and I above), simply a young girl, not yet a woman. I disarmed my control to a narcissistic man who felt empowered by controlling a woman and robbing her of her power. Teaching her that she was worthless and needed him; requiring so much unlearning over the years but I share this as the valuable lessons of what women tell themselves daily is much like this story. Finding and owning your own power!

Read any fairy-tale and you have the villain and the naïve girl that delivers a punchy lesson.

This was my 'fairy-tale'. These lessons delivered me some incredible insights, which I want to share to help others. I aim to inspire others to tune in and find the strength from their own stories through my Wild Women Walks.

Whilst not everyone is controlled by this 'blue beard ' character , it’s could be the internal dialogue and negative self-talk that disables your true worth. Values are an interesting concept that develops at an early age and if carried through life in a childlike mind can be inhibiting and dis-empowering.

Let’s discover where these originate from, if they serve you and how we can release them, freeing you to live your soul truth.

Every woman is different. They have different lifestyle, different desires, dreams, and aspirations. Why are we so quick to judge? Constant connectivity we can voice our opinions, yet they remain just that, opinions. The ones that matter are the ones that you hold of yourself. If everyone is quick to shoot you down, be your own cheer leader. No-one really understands 100% what is going on for you. Act with kindness and integrity and learn to feel no explanation required to others to credit their opinion.

So what do women want? What do you want?

What do I want?

I want to assist you in gaining understanding of your value system. What serves you and what doesn’t? I want to empower you to reclaim, rejoice in your true feminine nature through transformational nature experiences. I want to do this as a collective, to empower, nurture and create real connections.

How? My Wild Women Walks are open for registration this coming week. Bookings online or contact me for more information!

Amanda x

Amanda x

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