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Worry Surfing - you dont even need a board!

Do you ever get stuck in your head; you’re not sure how you will ever untangle yourself from the analytical trap you find yourself in?

The last few weeks I have found myself in m own head, not just a little, but a lot. There is a lot to take in, to consider and map out both professionally and personally. I have scribble notes, diary pages filled and to do lists for my to do lists! All in the aim to get it out of my head, onto paper so I can see what it is, break it down and action it.

There is a lot going on in my life at the moment, as I appreciate there is for everyone. I could bore you with the nitty gritty details of my life, making me more relatable but you don’t need to know right?! Energetically, the solar system is doing some serious work on us all too at the moment. Full moon (FYI its tomorrow night!) Solar eclipse. Mercury in retrograde anyone?

You’ve got your own “life” happening, your own stresses; work, family, health, friends, life. I get it! Almost everyone I speak to has challenges they’re trying overcome, so really it’s about the “what to do” that you’re here for right?!. That’s where the solution to my problems can work for you too!

I journaled last week about the Candida Overgrowth and the common causes, symptoms and treatments, this is because due to my chronic stress and adrenal fatigue my body has created an imbalance, that I need to address. So keep reading, if I haven’t already lost you, and get ready for some red hot tips!

My amazing Naturopath has provided some strong pro-biotics to restore the balance of good and evil in the gut along with adrenal loving tablets though I’m seriously struggling to get down my esophagus!!

From nutrition perspective I have it pretty sorted, just no wine for a few weeks. I can do that right?! I’ve listed below a day on a plate to give you an idea of what I’d eat. I don’t measure, count calories or restrict/ miss meals. It’s about maintaining stable blood sugars (yeast will thrive on spikes in insulin).

Breakfast: Sautéed broccoli, capsicum, asparagus, zucchini, mushrooms with eggs and smoked salmon, feta and avocado. Other typical breakfasts are soaked oats, homemade granola or chia puddings loaded with nuts, seeds and berries.

Lunch: Left over from the night before dinner or meal prep. We each a diverse range of food throughout the week (increases vitamin and mineral absorption)

Some this week were; Vegetarian Lasagna, Sweet Pot, Pea & Lentil Curry, Salad of spinach leaves, kraut, avocado and nori

Dinner: Chicken and vegetable Stir-fry, Fish and baked vegetables, or Veg lasagna or curry

Snacks: I generally don’t need the snacks as my meals are loaded with fibre, protein and fats to keep me full. As I am avoiding most fruit for a few weeks, I might snack on a handful of almonds, cashews and sunflower seeds or some kefir to heal my gut. When I am eating fruit I will alternate between bananas, berries, apples and mandarins/oranges.

Provides 2-3 serves of vegetables in the first meal of the day; fibre, protein and healthy fats for regulated blood sugar levels and satiety throughout the day.

This is what I'll be eating tonight if I can get my hands on some fresh squid tubes!

So, whilst my Nutrition is under control, it regulating my emotionally reactions to events that requires a little finessing. As a women with many hats (not beanies and caps but those of mother, wife, daughter, employee, business owner), at times you feel like you are pulled in one direction then the other. Exhausted by the end of the day, almost whip lashed as you crawl into bed after what seemed a marathon. If this is you, could be your adrenals. Get them checked out ASAP!

Women put so much pressure on themselves to get it all done, be everything to everyone and whilst I have amazing support from my husband, I appreciate a lot of women don’t or they’re doing it alone. Kudos! This is generally where we see ourselves burn out, end up stuffing whatever we can into our mouths in order to sustain until we collapse on the couch, wine in hand.

So you are eating well, not drinking too much and still struggling to find the energy?

This is why it is crucial to approach our health from a holistic perspective. We can eat well, but what thoughts we feed our mind are as important. It isn’t about focusing on positive, ignoring the negative but a balance of the two.

Listen to your negative thoughts;

Are these accurate? Are they emotionally driven? Where do they come from? Do you believe them? Would others have the same opinion of you?

Did you know that only 10 % of our stress is due to what happens, the other 90% is what we think will happen- created in our mind!

A really cool exercise for you to try below. This is something I envisage along the beach when I am contemplating...

The technique from is to ride your emotions.

Imagine for a moment an ocean wave as it approaches the shore. Its steep and tall and hasn’t created a wave break yet.

Now imagine a flock of seagulls floating on the water. The birds don’t fly away. They simply ride up the slope, round the top and drift down the long back of the wave.

This is the same approach you can take to your worries, anxieties and fears. All emotions are wave-like and time-limited. They ebb and flow.

Life’s a wave; emotions build up, eventually reach a peak, and drift away.

Worries, anxieties and fears come and go in a similar way. They don’t last forever, even if at the time, feels like they will.

If I still have your attention my next piece of advice I have saved to the end. It’s simple. There is no reason for health and healing to be hard. Akin to the meditation above, simply take yourself off to the beach. Yes its winter in Melbourne, wear more layers. Walk along the beach and watch the waves, do you see the rise and fall? Imagine these are your worries, and just for the moment, let them go. Don’t worry, they’ll come back. Walk along the beach with intention to remain aware of thoughts coming in to your mind and let them be washed away with the ebbing water. Breathe the salty air and allow Mother Nature to work her magic, feel the stress alleviate. Try stay there for at least an hour. You deserve it.

Amanda x

“The cure for anything is salt water - tears, sweat, or the sea. ” —Isak Dinesen

Amanda x

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