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Over-Commitment and Anxiety - What's the solution?

As another week comes to an end I feel an overwhelming sense of in-completion. Between work roles this week and that of Mother and wife, the pressure that I put on myself to complete an unattainable amount of work has left me with the sense of dizziness from my self-made hamster wheel. Anxious and filled with self-doubt, it can be a vicious cycle if you don’t quieten the mind and body.

Contemplation of Values

This is not new to me or to any other women trying to “do it all”. Am I right? There is a deep seated value within us, created from an early age and taken as the truth with an immature mind. Society, environmental and family all influence the way in which we as women are raised and thus create our sense of self.

Becoming aware of our own self-limiting beliefs, those deeply ingrained requires a lot of work and self-reflection. There is no quick fix and needs constant attention to keep it in check. Our mind will always chose the easier route to a solution, however we need to create a new pathway, and traverse over this until this becomes the optimal route to our answer otherwise we find ourselves in a constant state of anxiousness.

Through holistic healing; Mental, Nutritional and Spiritual (awareness of self) we can find balance naturally, create meaningful connections that fuel our internal fire and provide support. Why wouldn't you fill your cup first?

I'm excited to share that I am currently writing a Wild Women's Walk Program that focuses on finding women's wellness. To reclaim, rejoice in our true feminine nature. Awaken to our soul truth and as a collective, deepen our understanding of self and move into our power of wild woman.

A fortnightly walk with our tribe of women, creating real connection, support, nutrition education and discussions that feed the soul, and empower instinctual self-knowing!

As a mother raising 3 Wild Women, it is my responsibility to ensure that they are raised with a strong sense of self. That society hold a value system that underplays emotional truths and denies women self-confidence through judgments and stereotypes. That as women we will continue to do this to ourselves too, to fit a mould that doesn't fit our shape, unless we awaken to our own innate power.

Its through life's experiences, and an incredibly supportive husband and father, that allows my insight gained through the scars of my stories, to share as lessons to help you discover your truth!

"Although there will be scars and plenty of them, it's good to remember that in tensile strength and ability to absorb pressure, a scar is stronger than skin."

- Clarissa Pinkola Estes. Author of 'Women who run with wolves'

What are you struggling with the most?

Do you listen to your inner voice or do you silence it?

What are you longing for?

What would you like to see in this program?

Interested? Love to hear your thoughts.

Connect with me, I'd love to find out more about you.

Amanda x

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