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Shinrin-yoku and why you want to do it

Throughout the world, many countries have seen the value in spending time in nature to improve health, happiness and bring about a sense of calm. In the over stimulated technological society of today, it is imperative that we create a balance in our everyday lives or risk ailing health conditions, many of which can easily be avoided with a little time in nature in conjunction with a balanced diet.

A holistic approach

Japan, one of the most densely populated countries in the world and at the forefront of technological development with Tokyo one of the largest cities in the world, it is interesting to note that the country is also one of the greenest! Japan boasts over 3000 miles of forest over the combining islands and in fact has many 'forest bathing guides' throughout the woodlands to assist people in unplugging from technology, slowing down and immersing themselves in nature.

'Shinrin-Yoku' is literally translated to Forest Bathing.

When connecting to nature through all fives senses, you can draw on the health enhancing benefits the natural world provides.

Studies the world over have proved that time in nature can:

  • Reduce blood pressure

  • Reduce stress, bring a state of calm by lowering cortisol and adrenaline

  • Stimulate serotonin, resulting in less depressive and anxious symptomatology

  • Improve pain thresholds

  • Improve cardiovascular and metabolic health = reduce heart disease and improve stool frequency (reducing likelihood of developing colon cancer), assisting in weight loss and or management whilst increasing energy

  • Boost immune system whilst also increasing the bodies NK activity. The NK (natural killer) cells are a type of white blood cell that attack and kill unwanted cells such as those infected with a virus or tumor cells

  • Increase in anti-cancer protein production

  • Provide Vitamin D , essential for numerous vital functions in the body including; mood regulation, bone, teeth, lung and heart function

  • Provide creative solutions to challenges by engaging both sides of the brain

In today's over stimulated world with connectivity through devices, over connection through conversation, we find ourselves faced with many diseases, disorders when exposed to nature, symptoms disappear.

Engaging all our senses and bringing a state of grounded, awareness to a nature walk is the best way to balance the over-stimulation and racing mind that contributes to stress, anxiety and burnout!

HH guided Mindfulness Hikes are about educating you to live a more simplistic, balanced life. Focusing on disconnecting from technology and reconnecting with nature, my goal is to show you how to restore the balance of mental fatigue.

Take the first step and book a hike to restore your body and mind.

Amanda x

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