Online Hike Fit Program
Life is one big adventure. Are you ready to take it on?

A customised program designed to build mental and physical strength, empowering your next hiking adventure.

Wherever your hiking adventures take you: by the ocean or in the mountains, Holistic Hikes online adventure training will get your body and mind ready for any adventure you can dream of!

Fully customisable to YOU, this personalised program is specific to your goals, experience, and setting; no equipment, no worries. Utilizing different training styles to optimise your physical results, we can use what you have on hand when you can’t get into the gym. Offering the flexibility to fit in with your lifestyle, work commitment, and family time, the training is designed to get results within shorter sessions providing a great work (out) – life balance.

You choose when you train- ANYWHERE & ANY TIME!

Workouts are delivered via our training APP with full video and instructions break down for all exercises to ensure correct technique. I’ll set your coached workouts in the APP and you log in at a time convenient for you and complete. Add notes to your workout, give feedback and track your workouts and results all through the app, keeping you accountable and excited as you work towards your goals.

Includes tailored meal guides with recipes to inspire your inner chef and fuel body and mind; Quick, easy, healthy meals and snacks that will optimise your results and informative guide for RDI (recommended daily intakes) and sports-specific nutrition. Great go-to recipes that the whole family can enjoy.

Programs include weekly group coaching calls/zoom to motivate, educate and support your training journey. Learn strategies and health hacks to assist with active recovery, habitual changes, and pragmatic approaches to overcome challenges. Can't join the live feedback session? The meeting is recorded to watch back at a time convenient for you and Q&A open on the Private Facebook Group.

This comprehensive holistic hike fit program is designed for YOU, to ensure you not only survive your next adventure but thrive!

Avoid generic exercise programs and commit to yourself with a tailored program specifically for you that combine holistic elements of;

  • Fitness Training - whether multi-day endurance hike or summit strength to reach the peaks, the training program will optimise results for your goals. Fitness for an event? Let’s get you at peak fitness with a strength and recovery plan to get you at optimal fitness for your event/start date. Delivered with flexibility to your parameters; outdoors, studio/gym, minimal equipment or bodyweight. 

  • Education development – understanding the why, what, and how of movement philosophy to ensure that you comprehend the importance of and practice correct form & technique. Learn hike hacks that assist your fitness journey and ask all the burning questions about getting ready for your hike adventure, including gear guidance to help you on the trail

  • Nutrition – learn how to support not only your training but optimise your holistic health with nutrition. With a certification in sports nutrition, I will support your training goals with a tailored nutrition guide customized to your dietary requirements.  No restrictive diets, no calorie counting – just a pragmatic approach to healthy eating for longevity.

  • Habits & Strategies – Simple pragmatic ways to overcome challenges and implement healthy lifestyle changes.  Learn the best strategies to behaviour change and tap into you’re the power you hold within to achieve lasting results.

  • Recovery Approaches – enhance the benefits of training with simple recovery approaches to optimise muscle recovery and muscle growth and develop strong habitual changes to see the results you’ve been working for.

  • Nature and Mindfulness - learn how spending time in nature can support our holistic health and discover simple, daily rituals that deepen your connection to the environment around you. 


Looking for a more holistic approach, but can't afford a personal trainer, nutritionist, and life coach? 

Holistic Hikes Online Hike Fit Program provides an all-encompassing approach to training.


So you want a little more information before you sign up. I like to know what I’m being delivered before I lock it in too. This is NOT a bikini body program, I will not carve washboard abs nor do I care to. I won’t have you count your calories but instead, offer nutritional guidance on supporting your adventures through a healthy approach to eating.

This is a functional holistic training program to get you HIKE FIT, capable, and empowered to take on the physical and mental challenges of hiking adventures!

Read on; see if we are a good fit and if I’m the right coach for you. If you’re willing to put in the work, I’ll be your biggest cheerleader! **Sorry no pom-poms, but I do have hiking poles…


Delivery (HOW) is as important as the Program (WHAT) and importantly the GOAL (YOUR WHY).

Having coached clients for years as a Nutrition & Wellbeing coach and now PT, the delivery is an important aspect to understand. There is a process that needs to be followed in order to optimise your results.


How it rolls:

Health & Fitness Assessment

Let’s start with a comprehensive health and fitness assessment. This will allow me to identify your current level of fitness, strengths and opportunities for improvement. We will unpack what it is exactly that you want to achieve and set realistic goals based on where you are (abilities), what you’re willing to put in (intentions) to get to where you want to be (goals).

The assessment is delivered via ZOOM online for real-time feedback, however can be submitted as a video recording to allow me to obtain insight into a range of motion, mobility, and physical attributes in order to safely write and deliver your program.

This is your opportunity to clearly identify any suspected challenges so we can work together to devise solutions before they become problematic. Let’s set it up right from the start to fail-safe your goals!


Building Foundation

Strong foundational fitness is critical to success. Working on assessment of your current level of fitness, we will train aerobic conditioning, core strength, mobility, correct form and technique of movements, general strength, and any corrections/ modifications as required, identified in the initial assessment.

Before we start building on the base, we will make sure your foundation is strong and responsive. This conditioning phase will see your energy levels increase before we add strength to your training regime.

Depending on your level of fitness, this foundational stage will take a number of weeks.


Strength training

Any adventurer will benefit from strength training. Whether you are already training and have a good level of health, this strength training is specific to your hiking adventure goals. Endurance to the summit, each requires a slightly different approach to ensure your targeting key muscle groups to optimise your enjoyment on the trail.

Fully customised to you and your goals; if you’re taking on a multi-night pack hiking journey, we will build leg strength and focus on core stability whilst discussing how, what and why of walking technique and form.

​Preparation is the key. You’ve built a solid foundation, added your strength training and feeling stronger, more capable, and have more power in the tank than ever before to take on your challenge. Now it’s time to put it into practice outdoors.

Take It Outside

Transfer the foundational and strength work into your arena. With improved aerobic fitness, muscles power, and stamina, this is the opportunity to see how your hard work pays off when you hit the trails.

Training hikes that simulate your event or end goal – say you’re looking at completing the Great Ocean Walk, conditioning your body and mind for the event on these trail training days ensures that you have what it takes to go the distance. This is our magic spot where your program starts to come together to see results.

Outside training elements will incorporate sports-specific loading principles, muscular endurance, sports nutrition including hydration, and active recovery and identify any other aspects to support your goals.

It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.


Test your limits

After weeks of training outdoors and in your element, it’s time to up the ante and test your training with a simulated event run-through. Pack hiking 3 days in the wilderness? Let’s have you cover similar terrain on consecutive days. The idea here is to mimic your event but not at full –capacity. 75% of your event output is what we are aiming for here.

By this time you should be feeling strong, capable, and have plenty of juice in the tank to take on anything. We work through any other technical aspects and gear tests to ensure that you are 100% prepared.

Trainer sitting on mat smiling at camera


Customised training program delivered via APP.  Full video and instructional cues also serves as a communication point whereby we can message about a specific exercise/session and give feedback. Log your training, give real-time feedback of how you felt in a session, and track your recorded metrics for a visual cue of progress, ongoing feedback, and assessment.


Nutrition; Meal guides, recipes and inspiration infused with informative know how to get the most out of your endurance performance and recovery. Family-friendly meals, allergies, and specific dietary requirements are considered in order to deliver inspiration to fuel your adventures. 


Mindset/Healthy Habit formation; Learn how to overcome mental barriers and turn adversity into advantage. Supported throughout your program with strategies and tools to help you look for the opportunity to optimise your results. Discover how disciplined action will allow you to conquer body and mind. Learn about motivation and behaviour change and how this affects your outcome

Recovery is as important as the training itself. Active recovery measures are factored into your training. Learn and strategize your recovery sessions to your lifestyle and goals. From cold water swims, self-massage and active recovery sessions, the program ensures you're supported through recovery phases to optimise your results.


Feel supported just email a private enquiry or comment in the Facebook group and i'll respond. Weekly group zoom check-in will enable us to visually connect, recap items, and provide a platform for the group to connect in a group coaching format. Miss the check-in? I'll record and send it through for you to watch later. 

Weekly coaching is about keeping you motivated, accountable, and aligned with your goals in a meaningful way. Nothing is off-topic here and open-range questions are most welcomed. I have a plethora of knowledge and experience and love to share my tips and tools to optimise your performance. 

Woman training outdoors

What each week looks like


Each Monday an email with the following elements will be delivered to your inbox with links to download recipes, meals guides, and other supplied information/worksheets.


The 5 elements of this Holistic Hike Fit Program include informative action to an outcome and are designed to prompt a positive framed behaviour each week and followed up in group call.

Information: Short snippets of facts to inspire, educate and empower your training – THE WHY

Action: What small steps can you take to improve your performance, mindset, and health? THE HOW

Outcome: What is the effect that we wish to have? THE WHAT


Here’s what you can expect each week;


Programed sessions for you to complete in your time throughout the week via the APP

INFO-ACTION-OUTCOME Bonus workouts each @ 10mins to complete



Meal Guide, recipe ideas each week to try; breakfast, lunches, dinners, and snacks

INFO-ACTION-OUTCOME sports-specific info, i.e. protein RDI & recipe or meal prep ideas



Tools and strategies are provided to overcome barriers and strengthen mindset; non-restrictive approach to sustaining healthy habits.

INFO-ACTION-OUTCOME weekly tips and challenges to keep you motivated; accountable and progressing. Learn pragmatic ways to implement new habits and leave ineffective ones behind.


Active recovery techniques and self-care hacks are factored into this 12-week program.

INFO-ACTION-OUTCOME fascia release with massage balls, cold water, etc.



Have you ever thought about the way in which you walk on the trails? I have. I’ll teach you about gait, stride, pace, and posture whilst we nerd out with some nature facts so you can get outside and be inspired.

INFO-ACTION-OUTCOME think walking meditation, body scans, and cloud collecting for stress relief


30mins each week we check-in and cover any sticky points in the program. This is via group zoom call and this aims to keep you motivated, accountable, and aligned with your goals in a meaningful way whilst connecting with your group.

INFO-ACTION-OUTCOME Each element will be covered in 30mins coaching call for feedback, accountability, and discussion with a Facebook group for Q&A throughout the program.


Still not convinced if online training is for you?


Here are some benefits:

  • Workout on your schedule; anywhere, anytime. . In this busy world, workouts should be a priority to keep your energy up, but you want to be able to do them around your schedule.

  • Fully Custom designed for you: unlike other hike fit programs, this program is specifically written for YOU. Taking into consideration your abilities, time frame, access to equipment any prior injuries, surgeries, and any other limitations, which minimizes the risk of injury and maximizes the possibility of success.

  • Cheaper than hiring a face-to-face Personal Trainer. A week’s fee on the program is little more than I charge for face-to-face for 1 hour PT. WHY? Because I can schedule the programs for you whilst I work around the washing (yes, so glamorous) but highly effective. PLUS you get the added benefits of fitness coaching and nutritional support.

  • You have complete access to me for the duration of the program for support; not only for fitness, but we can also discuss wellbeing, nutrition, nature, the best trails to hit – whatever you need, I’m here.

  • Count on me to keep you accountable. I want you to reach your hike fit goals as much as you do. Hiking adventures saved my life and I know that they will change yours too. I won’t sugarcoat things and call it as it is. You do the work and I’ll motivate you to stay on track.




  • You want a customised approach to training that sits with your goals, lifestyle and parameters.

  • You want a comprehensive training program designed specifically for you to achieve your goals

  • You want the flexibility to train anywhere, anytime, for anything – with full support of a Personal trainer in your corner without the price tag

  • You want a cost effective solution that doesn’t require hours in the gym each week but the benefits of a personalised approach

  • You want/need someone to hold you accountable, drive your motivation and support you holistically with educative approach so you better understand why, how, what, when, where etc.

  • You want to head on holidays and need an adaptable solution with no equipment, or restricted timeframes and you need it now.

  • You want unlimited access to your trainer to ask any question that arises or changes in program

  • You want to be held accountable, you’re not afraid of hard work and you’re hungry to succeed

  • You’re keen to test yourself with an outdoor adventure and need to get event fit.

  • You’ve sat at home for 2 years through a pandemic and want to physically challenge yourself with a life-changing adventure but don’t know where to start.

  • You have always wanted to join a hike/bike/paddle/ swim competition and want a program that will deliver results and have you top of your game.

  • You want to invest in yourself and a healthy future where you are capable of anything

  • You’re keen to step up into healthy lifestyle changes whilst learning behaviour changes strategies, how to overcome obstacles and form new habits.



Thank you for your interest in my Hike Fit Program.

I'm excited to extend the invitation to invest in yourself. To commit to fit; To optimise your health and wellbeing, holistically. Make 2022 be the year that you welcome adventures!

My years of experience and education in Nutrition, Fitness Training, Mindfulness, Health & Wellbeing Coaching PLUS years of Hiking, have given birth to this one-of-a-kind program. Delivered with personalised programming, menu, and lifestyle, it offers the flexibility to suit you.!


Life is about choices, so here are 2 for you;


Upfront $899 (Save $100) all-inclusive for 12 weeks 


$100 Onboarding & Assessment fee upfront with 12 weekly payments of $75 (direct debit- this will be finalised after initial deposit )



This isn’t a generic program. It’s personalised to you, delivered with flexibility.

I understand that if this isn't for you (perhaps, not right now) then stay tuned for future intakes in 2022 & I wish you all the best!

If you are ready to INVEST IN YOURSELF. If you want to commit to fit in 2022, then sign up below! I will be in touch once I receive your form submission.

If you have any questions before you commit, please contact me: 

Amanda 0416 583 075 or



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