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Frequently Asked Questions​

Need to know more? Check some of the FAQ below and see if it answers that burning question, If not, get in contact with me and I'll be happy to help!

Q. How fit do I need to be?

A. Most hikes require reasonable fitness however this depends on the event and or hike, distance, and grading of the hike. Many hikes are 10km + with some full-day adventures, each requiring a health screening prior to the hike. Please contact me if you are unsure of your fitness condition and we can discuss appropriate hikes and event’s for you, as everyone is different.

Each hike will have a grading from easy- hard. Please rest assured that the pace is slower to allow most fitness levels + we rest at intervals and to enjoy mindfulness meditations.

Training hikes  (coming soon) are a different ball game and although peak fitness is not required, be prepared to be pushed, challenged, and explore your physical and mental capabilities!


Q. What do I wear? Do I have to have specific hiking gear?

A. No, all hikes can be completed with activewear and runners, however, if you have hiking poles or specific boots you are welcome to wear these. Layers are best as you will get hot hiking but will also cool quickly in the cooler climate.

For overnight adventures and multi-day hikes, gear can be hired or recommendations made (not sponsored) for the best gear based on my own personal testing and preference.

Q. What do I need to bring?

A. Water is required for each hike. Not all locations will have taps so ensure adequate for the length of each hike- i.e. 2litres for a day hike.

Snacks are recommended; fruit, muesli bars, rolls, or similar- you will be advised upon booking. At events or where stated, food will be supplied, however, this isn’t applicable to all hikes so please ensure you bring snacks or lunch.  

Specific mediations such as epi-pens, Ventolin and others are required to be bought along and advised in health screening

Q. How big are the groups?

A. Generally, the group hikes are about 6-10 -people with events capped at 15 and overnight camping and retreat adventures to 10. Minimum of 4 people to run a hike unless otherwise at my discretion.

With current regulations in place, groups of no more than 10.  

Q. Are there toilets?

A. Be prepared for a bush wee!! Not all locations have toilets, however, I will advise ahead of time in addition to any along the trails that you can utilise. We are in nature, so if you hear the calling then liberate yourself and deepen that connection.

Please DO NOT refrain from drinking water to avoid weeing! This is horribly unhealthy for your body


Q. I have an old injury, can I still participate?

A. If you have any injuries, all hiking should be avoided until guidance is obtained from an Allied health practitioner. All participants are required to complete a health assessment and pre-screening prior to joining any hikes.


Q. Do you have First Aid?

A. YES! I am an accredited Level 2 First Aid including CPR, in addition, had training in Asthma, Anaphylaxis & Snakebite treatments. I carry an electronic personal location device in the case of emergency and lack of phone signals.

I always have a first aid kit with Ventolin and epi-pen for emergency


Q. What safety measures have you put in place?

A. Groups are now limited to less than 10 as per Stage 1 requirements. I provide hand sanitizer for all participants. I monitor the 1.5metre social distancing and ensure this is upheld. I have also downloaded the COVID APP to ensure that if I am potentially exposed to an infected person, I can cancel any hikes, reducing exposure to clients. I ask that you please do the same.

No indoor events are to be rescheduled until the clearance is passed through Government. i.e Hike & Yoga. Although suspect this shouldn’t be too far off.


Q. What do the changing restrictions around Caronovirus mean?

A. We ensure that as a business we act in accordance with guidelines set by the Victorian Government. This means that QR codes are to be scanned when arriving for hikes, any sickness or symptoms prior to walking means that you must cancel or risk being sent home.

Q. Are the 'Mediations' woo-woo'? 

A. The nature-based mediations and strategies practiced throughout the hikes are designed to deepen your connection with nature to optimize holistic health through tapping into the senses. Sight, touch, smell, taste, hearing, and feeling are tied intrinsically to our nervous system. When we slow down, connect with nature through these means, we are 'practicing consideration', aka meditating.


If you have further questions, not answered above, please contact me directly

0416 583 075 or

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