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A natural approach to company collaboration

Are you looking for more wholesome ways to invest in your team?

Our fresh approach to company wellness initiatives allows businesses to empower their teams, developing self-confidence and connection, resulting in a happier, motivated, and productive workplace.


Taking a natural approach, deepening connection authentically whilst exploring the beautiful landscapes of the Mornington Peninsula and beyond; it’s like a mini holiday that will leave your team rejuvenated, realigned, and engaged. 


Holistic Hikes company packages are personally tailored to your outcome; each offering the benefits of nature hiking for collective well-being.  Offering a range of options from half-day to overnight hiking experiences that promote personal growth, teamwork, and communication among your team.


Imagine a meditative coastal walk followed by a luxurious traditional bathhouse experience or an ecotherapy based nature hike with sound healing. Perhaps a conscious conservation initiative where your team undertakes a tree planting experience where you have a positive impact on the environment whilst building a workplace culture of responsibility and ownership.


Holistic Hikes team packages are a unique and meaningful way to build team camaraderie whilst exploring the great outdoors. Hiking has profound benefits to mental health and wellbeing by engaging our innate connection with nature, in addition team hikes nurture collaboration and connection within your team. By embracing & integrating a wellness approach to your company initiatives, your business will enjoy numerous benefits of increased productivity, employee enjoyment and engagements and overall team well-being. 




  • Local produce picnic or lunch options 

  • Conference centre/ accommodation arrangements 

  • Transport; pick up & drop off

Let us know how your day of hiking looks like to you and we can take care of the rest.



  • Ecotherapy focus & nature-based activities

  • Fitness adventures and challenges – each tailored to your group's needs

  • Nutrition in the workplace – meal planning and eating for holistic health

  • Mindfulness & meditation - pragmatic exercises for balanced wellbeing


Contact us and let us work together to curate an unforgettable experience for your team.


Minimum group numbers apply.

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