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Who We Are

Husband & wife team; Shannon & Amanda. We aim to create premier hiking experiences designed to connect with nature.


Friends for over 25 years and together for 10, we are known as the ’Adventure Couple’ as we are always on the trails either with guiding, solo, or with our youngest daughters. We seek adventure for the sense of accomplishment, confidence, and discovering new places to enjoy the simplicity of nature.


It is our experience that challenging body and mind through group hiking, cultivates a strong mindset, resilience to adversity whilst connecting with a community that supports, inspires, and motivates you to live an active outdoor lifestyle.

Through hiking adventures, we collectively build mental and physical aptitude that supports positive holistic health; mind, body, and spirit.

We believe that nature holds the key. 

Our group hikes are designed to reconnect with Nature and promote innate healing whilst creating a genuine connection with like-minded souls for ultimate well-being.

Our approach is real, pragmatic, and authentic.



Amanda is a tour guide who can be found on the trails with day hikes, multi-night camping hikes, and run retreats that incorporate holistic elements; nutrition, yoga, mindfulness. Amanda is also a Holistic Personal Trainer incorporating Nutrition, stress relief strategies, and recovery into her programs.


Shannon, our adventure tour guide and go-to gear guy, is here to teach, empower and impart his well-developed knowledge, giving you the confidence to explore the great outdoors. Shannon leads Private group tours, multi-night hikes, and Men's mental health hikes. 



Amanda is a Qualified;

Personal Trainer

         Registered Parks Vic Tour Guide 

         Accredited Nutrition & Health Coach

         Master Mindfulness Practitioner

         Certified in Mental Health First Aid

         Certified with First Aid  & CPR (level 2)

         Certified with Asthma First Aid

Shannon is a Parks Victoria Tour Guide

Certified First Aid & CPR

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