I AM Amanda Connell. I am a Holistic Mindfulness & Nutrition Coach, Parks Victoria Tour Guide and Creator of Holistic Hikes.

Holistic Hikes takes an all-encompassing approach to health, incorporating Nutrition education, pragmatic Mindfulness concepts and delivers this in Nature.

It is my experience that challenging body and mind through group hiking, cultivates the strong mindset, resilience to adversity whilst connecting with a community that supports, inspires and motivates you to live an active outdoor lifestyle.

Through hiking adventures, we collectively build confidence, self-efficacy, mental and physical aptitude and supports positive mental health.

I believe that nature holds the key. 

My group hikes are designed to reconnect with Nature and promote innate healing whilst creating a genuine connection with like-minded souls for ultimate well-being! Throughout the walks, we cover Nutrition and how best to fuel your body and mind, Mindfulness techniques to apply to daily life.

My approach is real, pragmatic and authentic.

If you’re looking for the missing piece of your health and well-being journey, or if you’re at the start of your new lifestyle, I invite you all to join me in conversation and connection.

Spending time in Nature is in our primal code, it affects us at a cellular level and the benefits of an hour a week are profound!

Reduce stress, Improve energy, metabolism, and cardiovascular health, clearer thinking (engaging both sides of your brain), boost immunity and anti-cancer proteins and NK (Natural Killer) cell activity, reduce anxiety and depressive symptoms.

Connect with me on the trail and find out first-hand how you will benefit from Holistic hiking.

Amanda x

         Registered Parks Vic Tour Guide 

         Accredited Nutrition & Health Coach

         Master Mindfulness Practitioner

         Certified in Mental Health First Aid

         Certified with First Aid (level 2)

         Certified with Asthma First Aid

Mornington Peninsula, VIC, Australia 

0416 583 075

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